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Can i take claritin and robitussin together?

I have, but depending on whether the Robitussin has a Decongestant in it, then you will get too dried out, and thats no fun. I would just maybe do the cough only, not cough & cold

Sure go for it !

Res T
Yes, Claritin is for allergy while Robitussin for cough. But this will make you drowsy.

joco_princess <3
Yes, but make sure you get plenty of rest after taking them. Since Claritin has been over the counter for quite a while, you don't have to waste time by calling a pharmacist or doctor for information. Just don't overdose on it or you could end up feeling a lot worse.

i dont c y not

If you have been watching and hearing late news, ALL those OTC cold remedies are pretty much a crock. Last time I was really sick with a PAINFUL cough and feelin shitty, I put a hot water bottle on my chest, Laid with my head lower than my feet, and about 30-50 minutes later I removed the hot water bottle and started tapping on my chest with 4 fingers. Firmly,
steadily, not to bruise but its called (I think) tappotment.
When I got up my cough become very productive, loose and I released all that congestion without drug one. That was my motive. If, of course, you have fever, difficulty breathing etc, see your doc. But I didnt have insurance and went the NATURAL route and it worked. Good luck~feel better!

maybe, don't drive, ask your doctor

Plain Robitussin..yes.
There are many Robitussin preparations, just make sure it doesn't have an antihistaminic (anti allergic); last time saw Plain Robitussin and Robitussin dm didn't.
It shouldn't make you drowsy. As no antihistaminics are there.
Hope you feel better.

you should not mix Claritin and Robitussin. esp if you have any risk for high blood pressure or bad circulation. if you need cold relief (and I cannot believe I'm actually saying this), but Tylenol cold works best for me.

yea it doesn't matter... you'll just feel woozy so don't be driving or nothing

I have, it may not be the best idea, but they should,'t interact much. Just don't drive. Because of the Robitussin, not the Claitin, it won't make you drowsy.

NEVER take two medicines together without the consent of your doctor. But definitely do not take Claritin and Robitussin together. The two medicines will cancel each other out and could cause some damage and make you feel worse.

Jen O
Call your dr or pharmacist

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