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 Just caught a cold today-anyone know of any natural remedies to help it go away and not turn into bronchitis?
I always seem to get bronchitis from the smallest cold even though I quit smoking two years ago....

 When we sleep do we cough?

 How to deal with smoking?
I just moved to another country ( halfway around the world ) from CA, where there isn't too much smoking. Here, however, EVERYONE smokes. I don't like it when people smoke around me. I ...

 Do i have a chest infection, yeah it wud be good to get a 2nd opinion.?
Right lately ive had a really bad cold and now my chest is feeling tight and painful to breath im coughing up green crap and feel really rough im going to the docs tonight but i just wanted to check ...

 I wanted to be absent in work tomorrow for the reason that I ahve a fever, how could i catch a quick fever ?

 I cough up blood every morning when i wake up.?
i do not smoke. but for 5 years i worked in a very smokey environment. i quit to move to an office job a month and a half ago. i spit all the time. and in the morning. there are clots of blood in my ...

 Help stuffy nose and coughing?
help what should i do
Additional Details
and no im not going 4 ...

 I started having panic attacks about 1 year ago... can anyone fully recover from this?

 Can you get TB by drinking off someone's glass who has TB?
is that possible to just drink out of a glass that someone who had TB drank off of, then you will have TB? i mean is that really how it works?...

 Blood clot in the lungs?
can it be fixed?
by meds or operation?
if it is an operation is it very risky?
Additional Details
my friend thinks she might have a bloodclot in her lungs. She's having ...

 Medical Question on COPD?
If there is Advanced COPD and the individual is constantly being put on and taken off of the Vent. The hospital has said that they do not check blood gasses unless there is a need to. Shouldn'...

 Asthma and colds?
When I get a cold, I always get a chest infection and this triggers my asthma. I usually end up having to go to a doctor. Is there anything I can do to stop getting the chest infection in the first ...

 Quit Smoking?
What happened to your body when you quit?...

 Lingering chesty cough since having a cold ?
I had a cold about 10 days ago and now feel a lot better but I still have a really chesty cough which I can't seem to shift and it's really tiring.
Don't think it's ...

 What are the syptoms of pnemonia? And how do you get it?

 3 year old coughs at night?
My 3 year old sometimes coughs after she has gone to sleep and only when she coughs she has trouble catching her breath for no more than 3 seconds. She coughs and then it sounds like she gasps while ...

 Since i stopped smoking 5 weeks ago i have noticed if i try to sleep sitting up i cant breathe properly?
and have to wake up and clear my throat. what is the reason for this?...

 PLZ READ! my friends and i were trying to see how many marshmellows we could fit in our mouths and...?
i fit 35 (they were mini) and i ended up spitting them back out. but since then i've felt like i threw up and that like theres marshmellow in my nose that i cant get out (kinda like i threw up ...

 Is it sinusitis or just a common cold?
This morning the pain around my eye left eye was so severe it literally felt like I had been punched in the eye. It even hurt to put eyeshadow on. It's much better but my head hurts and my neck ...

 Whats wrong with my throat?
urgh i just woke up and i have to go to school and my throat feels horrible. like theres a tennis ball in there or something! also my mouth had a horrible taste in it. and i have a bit of a cough. i ...

Can chihuahuas really take asthma away from humans?
If so, does it have to be a particular kind of chihuahua i.e. a male or female, fixed or unfixed?
Additional Details
I know this question sounds ridiculous - but I've known people who has actually had this work for them.

No. Some people believe that and some swear that it works, but it doesn't. They usually say that you take a baby chihuahua and put it around the person and it'll take on the syptoms and all that, but it doesn't.

AmAnDa LoVe!
where did you hear that????

Only when they are boiled, not baked.

I believe that it does. I have had asthma since i was three. When i was around 10 we purchased a chihuahua as a pup because we had also heard about this. As time when on my chihuahua developed severe breathing problems, and severe allergies which i also had. We eventually had to get her put down. I am living almost asthma free today. I feel terrible because i feel like i killed my dog. But to answer your question, yes, in my case she took my asthma away. People can call me crazy all they want i dont care, but it worked and i have a dead dog to prove it.

In your dreams maybe, i have 3 and we still have asthma in the house.

) No, there's really no substance to that rumor. The problem with asthma and allergies is dander, not hair. If you really want to try it out, go visit someone who has a chihuahua, see if it aggravates your asthma.
MYTH: Some dog breeds, such as Chihuahuas, are better for people with allergies & asthma.
REALITY: It is the protein found in the pet's saliva, dander and urine that causes allergies in some individuals, not the pet's hair. Since all dogs have dander, saliva and urine, no particular breeds are better for people with allergies & asthma.

only after I eat bear parts for super natural powers!!!!

What should have been told to you is that studies have shown that people who tend to have attacks of asthma from nervous behavior, do tend to have slight improvment after they get a pet. But if the Asthma is triggered by animal dander then no there is no dog or cat that can help with those types of attacks. Now some people tell you your allergic to a dog or cat because of the fur...not true it's the dander, the skin cells themselves. There is no allergy-free dog or cat.

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