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Ashley S
Can an antibiotic make you feel worse???
I have a severe sinus infection and i have been on an antibiotic for three days and i am on allegra d but i feel horrible still...HELP!!

joey h
yes because an antibiotic is not combating the sickness or virus. it just blocks it for a will till your body gets rid of it. An antibiotic also causes our immune system to be low causing other sicknesses enter your body. Try something more natural, go to a nutrition store and get something. also try to stay away from any dairy or things high in sugar because they cause mucus build up.

Well if its not better by that time id say ur either allergic, immuned or not a high enough dosage. Better talk with your doctor about it. Hope you get better.

BH's brother
It can take several days for the meds to start making you feel better. Just take them all and take them on time.

You called your sinus infection "severe". You have been on antibiotics three days. How long were you sick before you began taking antibiotics? Probably longer than 3 days! Antibiotics will not make you "well" in three days. Be patient! Take the entire course of antibiotics and if you still feel horrible, see your physician for another course or another type of antibiotics.

It will take longer than 3 days for the medication to work. You might try applying a heating pad or hot water bottle to your face

How you like dem oysters?
Yes any drug can make you feel worse. But is the sinus getting better? That is the question. If not, notify the doctor. You may need a different medication.

I don't just apply heat when I get sinus infections, I also add steam. If that means standing over the sink with the water running on hot, or in the bathroom shower running it as hot as possible (not getting in, don't want burns on top of an infection!!), or just boiling water in a tea kettle, getting some moisture in there (to break up the gunk) has always helped me.

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