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 Respiratory diseases in children?

 Need tips on dealing with croup?
My 3 year old today was diagnosed with croup in the ER and I had mentioned how my 6 month old was coughing as well, she had said with my 3 year old just put on vicks or a mistor or take him outside ...

 If you believe that second hand cigarette smoke at the enterance of a building is more deadly than car exhaust
Would you please lock yourself in a garage with a started car overnight, I will lock myself in my garage over night with a carton of cigarettes, and we can argue* in the morning?...

 Sleep apnea?
what are the signs and eventually,the effects of sleep apnea?
Additional Details
i sometimes wake up from my sleep coughing vigoriously...like im ...

 Well summer will soon be here. do you think non smokers will refrain?
from socialising with the smokers in the beer gardens and remain in the pubs to breathe air without ...

 Please anyone?
Can anyone tell me if 90 is a decent pulmonary reading for a 55 year old?...

 What would be the best way to eradicate tobacco use from the world?
tobacco addiction is a disease, and should be eliminated like any other disease, such as cancer, HIV, or smallpox. how to do it?...

 What can my husband do for a sinus infection until he can get to the dr?
He has dizzy spells, sore throat, sinus pressure, and fever....

 Am i comeing down with the flu?
when i got to school today i felt really dizzy and ive been having the urge to sneeze and cough and i have flem and i lost my voice ...

 The Summer has arrived...Will my asthma gets worse?
I thought the toughest season for my asthma was spring, but today, was a very didficult day for me....Every effort gets me tired with short breath. It will gets worse because of the summer arrived?...

 I can't breath?
i don't want to go to the doctor, but i can't breath, help alittle advice....

 Any docters in the house????
My cousin has worms (pinworms) are there any home remedies to get rid of them. If u know any plz tell me because i have to listen to her complain every night (she lives with me)...

 Do all cigarettes have fiberglass in them? If not which kind don't?
I smoke Newports, I've herd that menthol's do have fiberglass in them...I'm considering swiching to non-menthol are there any decent tasting non-menthols that don't have fiber ...

 Whats the best way to stop smoking?
im 14 at the moment 15 this year i started smoking at the age of 10 years old both my mum and dad know i smoke they surgest i see my gp but i now my gp will just give me some off that gum niggette ...

 This stupid cold wont go away?
I have had a cold for over a week now... Its not strep.. i went to the doctors on wednesday and they said it wasnt.. I cant sleep. Ive tried drinking juices, taken medicine.. nothing is helping and ...

 How do I cure the common cold??
Well, not cure it cos no one can do that but like, what medicine can I take that will allow me to BREATHE though my nose??? I am going crazy! I can't breathe and I can't blow my nose cos it ...

 What happens to your respiration system when you start smoking?
how bad are the effects?...

 Is there anything to do to get rid of a cough?
My 9 year old has a cough and I've found in the past none of my OTC stuff works and neither does the prescription stuff (which only offers codeine to help the child sleep.)

Help! He ...

 What causes a pulse?

 Serious Snoring Problems!!?
I know someone who has had a snoring problem all her life. She has tried dozens of things from pharmecies like nasal strips, sprays, pills, etc..
She has had this problem since she was a kid. ...

Can I still use my expired inhaler?
It's Albuterol and It expired 11/05.

Jeff R
no i tried it once in the 6th grade, and i had an ashma attack

~~ D E S H B H A K T ~~
In matter of medicine never ever take dangers. If it is expired never use it otherwise it could be against its purpose.

Is Your House on Fire Clark?
i am a respiratory therapist, don't use your expired inhaler...Albuterol does expire!!!! and if has no affect after its expiration date

super smash brothers brawl fan
just in case dont

Tammy L
I have been on this for years. In most cases the expiration date is rather arbitrary and using it for a few months after it expires is really very safe. ( I also know this from working in a pharmacy) However that inhaler expired almost two and a half years ago. I would not use it at this point that is to long. It may be ineffective at this point.

Littlest Blondie
I just used my Albuterol this weekend and I have had it for at least 4 years

its doesnt "go bad", it just isnt as potent, and I just had to do at least 3 puffs before it had its full effect

of course the only reason i was ever prescribed it was for allergy induced asthma, so its never been serious, so i wouldnt depend on it if i there was a possibility of a severe attack

I had a doctor snicker at me for having a two year old inhaler--he told me that most of the active ingredient had left by then. When I got a new one, I tried the old one first and then the new one (even though I didn't really need it), and found the new one was very different.

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