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1) diffculty swolling
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my thort have been like this for only two days now

is there anything else it coulld ...

 How do I get rid of this nagging & persistant cough?
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Can't stop coughing.?
I have had a bad cough for a few days now and have tried a few things and nothing is working. I need some new ideas to help me stop coughing atleast for a few hours. I asked this question yesterday and only got stupid answers, please give me honest answers that might actually work! I am going to the Dr. tomarrow, so I just need something to get me through till tomarrow! HELP!!!

over the counter medications usually work well enough...go to your local drug store... cough drops. cough medicine. you can also ask the pharmacist there for an otc recommendation...

use an inhaler to open up your airwaves it should diminish your cough,however if you don't have one than going to your doctors tomorrow will be perfect ask him for advair inhaler it's good for 12 hours works much better than the blue one.i have broncula asthma it works for me.
get that cough under control and the best of luck at the doctors.

I assume you've tried cough Mixture already. How about hot milk and honey (not too hot though!!)?

Thats the only thing I can suggest. You might just have to let it take its course. If no better in a week or so then, maybe visit your doctor incase you have a chest infection.

Hope that helps x x

You could try OTC Delsum. It is supposed to be really good.

When my kids had a croupy cough, we would go into the bathroom, shut the doors, and blast the shower on hot. The steam helped to calm their airways. Or...depending on where you live, going outside in the cold can help too. (15-20 minutes either method)

Keep your pillow elevated as well when you sleep. Drink a lot of water to keep your nasal passages and airways moist.

Hope this helps, and you can find relief soon!

Try mucinex. It works very well. It clears up your cough and rids you of any mucus that could be trapped in your lungs. I have found it at my loca walgreens but it could be found in other drugstores.

Cough is caused by a number of ailments.
It can be treated by over the counter medicines
or home remedies. More information available
at http://ailments.in/cough.html

If the coughing is from post-nasal drip, typical antihistamine-based medications perform well against just the symptoms.

If you want over-the-counter without some of the drowsy effects, try one Claritin for a 24-hour period. You can get the generic form of 10 mg of Loratadine... they're cheaper.

If you want prescription stuff (which also contains an antihistamine component - so don't take both at the same time), you might want to ask your physician for Promethazine with dm Syrup. Typical adult dose is 5 mL every six hours as needed.

Good luck.

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