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 How can i get my friend to stop snoring without making him go to the doctor ?
I have a friend and i stay at his house often, as soon as he passed out he starts a horrible snore and i lie awake all night.
How can i get him to stop snoring, its quite anoying.

 How do you reduce snoring?
my husband snores and i can't sleep at all at night.does anybody have tips and ideas about how to stop the snoring?...

 6month old/ wondering if this seems serious enough to take her to hospital?
Ok, so normally I would rush her to the hospital becuz the doctors office is closed. But the doctor says I am a worrier..Becuz in the past I have took them for things that arent really needed. Like ...

 I have developed a chest infection?
and i have been up for the past 2 nights coughing and spluttering every 10 mins! my chest is wheezing, i was given antibiotics the other day for a mild burn that got infected, i didnt take them just ...

 E-cigarette, anybody tried it?
I quit smoking, but the cravings are so strong that i am afraid that if i get stressed or get around smokers i will slip. i was thinking about getting the e-cigarette just for these cases, perhaps ...

 Everytime I eat dairy, I grt alot of flrm in my throat and start coughing excessivlely. What could thid be?

 Cystic Fibrosis? How can you inherit it?
Please tell me, second don't just google it and give me links! I already did this, I just wanna know if it is true that if one parent is carrier but the other isnt the baby wont inherit it? Some ...

 Can you get a cold during the summer?
i think i am coming down with a cold but it is in the 90's. people keep saying you cant get a cold in the summer and they think it is allergies but my two brothers got the same thing....

 What is the difference (please list symptoms) between a Sinus Infection VS a Cold?

 How to cure a persistent cough?
I have had a cough for about 3 1/2 weeks now. It started off not so bad, however now for the past 2 weeks I have had a persistent cough with green mucus and phglemm. The cough is comming from in my ...

 I felt like fainting today and i had shortness of breath what's wrong
help me, what's wrong i have shortness of breath,dizzy, and my arms and legs felt like going to sleep, but i don't know if it was that or muscle spasms....

 Is there any website about the contents of cigarettes?
Thnks. 10 points to the person with the best....

 I have asthma and it's hard for me to excercise?
I've had asthma all my life, I'm 19 and it was really bad when I was little and then basically went away as I got older, but now for some reason, it's gone downhill a bit. I've ...

 I feel like there is something constantly stuck in my throat! Has anyone else experienced this??
This has been going on for almost 2 weeks now. If feels almost like a pill or something got stuck. It is the most irritating feeling. It is constantly there, but bothers me sometimes more than ...

 I have fibro and im in so much pain.does anyone else have this.and what do you do for the pain?
i take perks for fibro and i have tryed rubbing my leg and hip.and also a heating pad i have done everything i know how to do for the pain and nothing and i mean nothing is working HELP PLEASE.i ...

 Can i catch Pneumonia from kissing someone infected with Pneumonia?

 Asthma related question?
I've had asthma since I was really little, and for the last few years it's only really been a problem when I'm sick. Everytime I get a cold or the flu my asthma really acts ...

 What does it mean if you are a carrier of tb?
when you have been tested positive for a skin test but show no signs of coughing at all and your chest xray was ...

Im doing my senior legacy on smoking for school and I wanted to know if anyone knew either one of these questions....How many people start smoking each minute of the day? Or How many people DIE each ...

 Wat kind of antibiotic do people with dizziness need to take????
important pls answer now!!!...

Asthmatics....does albuterol make your heart race?
My daughter takes it and her heart beats fast. It happens everytime and she has always been okay but I worry about her every time she gets an attack.

Yes it does. Its one of its side effects. Unfortunately it doesn't feel very great.

Yep! That's true. But it is better than the alternative. You did not say how old your daughter is. But if she is l8 + I would recommend (as would any Doctor) that you suggest to her that she avoid chocolate, coffee, tea, and any colas that contain caffeine. In other words avoid all products containing caffeine. I drink decaf tea and coffee, but only about 2 cups a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And when I use my Albuterol my heart still races.

Heath S
Albuterol does cause the heart to beat faster. It is ok as long as she doesn't take more then recommended dose

yep i take it 2 ways and it gets my heart racing too makes you feel jeetery

yeah true
Albuterol is a SYMPATHOMIMETIC or it tends to stimulate the heart to beat faster!!!
this will settle after sometime
relax and all the best

Diane A
NIrvana is correct--the type of drug it is causes bronchioles to relax (what asthmatics need) and the heart to speed up. The heart acceleration time is very short however, and children have hearts that can take it with out any problems. Relax. She needs it for her breathing, which is more important.

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