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Chelle Mary
Any good remedies for a 2 year old with a bad cough?
My poor baby, she has a dry hacking cough that hurts her when she coughs. We took her to the Dr, it's viral, no Rx meds will help. I have given her steam baths in the bathroom, have a humidifier going in the house, tried Vick's Throat Spray, warm water and warm tea with honey, and she still can't stop coughing. Her fever spikes before 6hrs is up, so I can't give her more Motrin , I bridge the gap with Tylenol, and give her Motrin when 6hrs is over. I'm also afraid to give her any more steam baths, think it might be making her spike the fever.
Any suggestions? Over the counter meds or home remedies are welcomed suggestions, but as I said, we have already been to the Dr, and they can't treat her with antibiotics because it is a viral not bacterial infection.
Additional Details
oh yea, forgot that I have also been giving her 1tsp of Tussin DM cough suppressant and expectorant, do I need to give her one with just a suppressant and no expectorant?

Just went through this with both my girls. This is going to sound really weird but put the Vick's vapor rub on her chest back and here's the weird part, put it the bottoms of her feet and then put on warm socks. I did this for both my girls especially at night when they would cough the most and they stopped coughing about 10 minutes after I did it. Also try to find just a cough Suppressant as an expectorant makes you cough more so you can bring up what ever is in your lungs. You said you took her to the DR and her lungs were clear so no need for the expectorant, see if the DR will give you a RX for the cough or I use Children's Triaminic Day time cold & cough it has a dosing for children 2 to under 6 years. My brother in-law works for a phamaceutical company and I was told by him that they pulled only INFANTS over the counter meds as too many people were over doing the little ones. It is safe to use childrens medds as long as there is a proper dosing on the box. I hope I was helpful. And I hope the little one feels better. P.S. my little ones blood work came back fine she is just being a normal 2 year old and eating things she shouldn't!

I have used dylsum with my kids and it helps with the cough. But you should keep the steam with out putting her in the bath. Cut back on all the meds. just something for the fever and lots of juice and chicken soup. sometimes its better to be simple with remedies. keep using the vicks to help her sleep at night. kids can run a temp. of 100 with no problem once it goes to 102 don't stress to much, encourage her to play it will help.

it sounds like croup. you are doing all the right things. You might try letting her have lollypops to help keep her throat moist in case it is irritated from coughing since she is too little for cough drops . Popcycles sometimes help too plus they Hydrate and reduce fever too. instead of steam baths you might try steamy showers since she is not sitting in the water it will not raise her temp as much. When my sons were this little and sick my husband or I would put on a swimsuit and play in the shower with the kids . We bought those bathcrayon and bubbles and anything else to keep them busy in there long enough for the steam to work. A trick my grandmother did was take a teaspoon of ground Ginger and add it to about a tablespoon of vasoline and coat my chest and back with it and make me wear a t-shirt under jammies. Something in the Ginger makes any congestion break loose and also soothe the cough
Did the doctor check for a sinus infection? Sometimes the post nasal drip can cause a hacking cough

Amanda 88
Sometimes inhaling can help open up the tubes.

A good old bowl of steaming water with either a few drops of Friars Balsam or Eucalyptus oil in it. Head over it and towel over back of the head to trap the steam. It can be calming and therapeutic.

Age old remedy that works for many head, nasal congestion or chest issues, including asthma.

Incidentally has she been checked for asthma? This can be brought on by a cold and manifest as a cough. She may need some inhaler?

You should call the doctor back and let him answer the questions. I am sure you paid for the initial doctor visit and he should have given you some suggestions. If they are not working, you should call him or her back. How did he know it was viral? Did he do blood cultures, throat culture, chest xray? Sometimes the doctor just guesses due to what he has been seeing in other patients this week, thinking it is the same thing. I would be concerned with pneumonia if it is not going away and the fever is staying.


My 8 year old son just went to the doctor for high fever (104.4) and he came out positive on his strep test. Just when I got things under control he developed this continuous cough and low grade fever. He couldn't sleep at night and I tried every remedy I could think of. A friend told me to get the Kids mucinex for Cough. It worked like a charm after the 2nd dose. I just looked at the bottle and a 2 year old can take 1/2 to 1 tsp. every 4 hours not to exceed 6 doses in 24 hours. I purchased it at Stater Brothers market and it cost about $9.00. You might want to give this a try - it was money well spent to get some good sleep and see my child more comfortable!

Hope she feels better soon.

I just saw that you were giving her the tussin-Dm. I had that also and it didn't work. Go get the Kids mucinex for Cough.

robert m
Your baby is suffering from allergic rhinitis, there is no cure on this kind of illness, just keep your baby away from dust, dust mites, carpets, as much as possible when going out let your baby wear a surgical mask, so she wont catch allergen, give her freshly squeezed juices and lot of water, also tell the doctor of what the milk you are using for her, she might need a soya base milk. Hope she'll be fine.

Kimberly G
Find a suppressant with no expactorant. That is making her cough.

i am not sure. what u can do see that the baby is only 2yrs old. i not sure if u realize that baby cough medicine is being removed from the counters. see that u went to the doctor already, if the baby is still coughing and having fever spikes the next best thing would be to go to the emergency room. why would u want the baby to suffer. u would not want to suffer, would u?

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