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steve m
After quitting smoking,is increased coughing and mucos normal?
I quit smoking after 20+yrs last week,but since then,I've been coughing up mucos incessantly-normal or not?

Courtney H
Ok well it depends how long that you have ben smoking ??

yes i quit many times and have had this if i dont smoke for a few hours i have this

Addicted to Y!A
Yes, and it's a great sign. Your body is getting rid of the build-up. Put up with it for a while and you'll be free sailing !

Congratulations to you!!!!

Yes it is normal. Congratulations and keep it up.

Mary T
yes i was in the same boat 6 months ago, it's a good thing your body is getting stronger and expelling all the bad stuff. Keep up the good work and remember it can only get better.

Yes... it's yoor bodies way of trying to get all that junk out of yoor lungs.
If yoor really worried about it though, see yoor doctor, or ask at yoor local chemist ^^

yeah it's normal. The cells in your lungs and esophagus are cuboidal with little hairs that move called cilia. These little cilia get caked on by lovely mixture of tar and mucous from years of smoking, and consistant smoking will keep those cilia from keeping up with what's being frosted over them daily..

NOW that your NOT SMOKING (which is great), Those little cilia are catching up. They are like microscopic hairs that push particles that are foreign to your body UP and OUT of your body, all day all night!

So this explains what morning breath is.. And this is when you should experience most of your unpleasant HAWKING!!!!!!

Expect it to sometimes be PAINFUL, especially in your lungs, spots that have been covered for years will free up and it is possible you could get infections from this. (which is still a whole lot healthier in the long run than smoking)

So expect to get sick, for as long as you have been smoking, I would assume you might be HAWKING regularly like this for up to 2-4 months!! Have fun getting healthier.

Yes! Very good for you actually. It means your lungs are cleaning themselves out and coughing up all the bad stuff is how they do that.

I have smoked for 7 years. I have quit twice, for a year each time. Both times I had the same problem for a few months after each time I quit. I was told by my family doctor that it was normal. When you quit smoking, your lungs 'clean' themselves. Coughing is what helps aid the purge of all the nasty stuff that been built up inside your lungs.

Trust me, it will get better. I did for me both times I quit. And once it stops, you will be amazed by how much better you can breathe, and smell, and taste. You feel better in the mornings when you wake up, and it just makes life so much better to not smoke.

I started again though. Now I'm trying to quit again! Quitting is the easy part,... It's staying OFF of them that's hard. Atleast for me.

Congratulations on quitting!!!

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