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 Is it bad if you start to cough up blood?

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Is not me, I am just asking....

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Whats wrong with me ;( I'M SCARED!!!! :~ ( ::::::::::::::::::...

 Please help, i need advice, my b/f has a tickly cough that is making him vomit.?
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 Been diagnosised with bronchitis. i am bringing up phlem but it contains small spots of blood.is this normal?

A five-year-old child threatens to hold his breath until he dies if his mother does not buy him an ice cream..
cone. Would you advise the mother to let the child hold his breath or give in to his demand? Your advice should be based only on any possible physiological damage to the child.

kenji k
that is symptoms of a spoiled child. the best cure is fear.

Definitely tell the child to hold his breath. The psychological damage? People who tap dance around important subjects such as these are the reason that there are so many shows like Jerry Springer. Sure, let the kid have his way and in a few years he will be hitting his mother and uncontrollable. 12 years later he will be in prison. If you let the child get everything he wants then he is controlling the parent. Children need to learn that a parent is the controller and that there are consequences to bad actions. "Spare the rod, spoil the child." The Bible tells us that we are to chasten our children. That doesn't mean to beat them but it does mean to show them that they are in the wrong and that there are consequences to bad behavior. If however, you are of the growing socialistic mentality, then by all means, give the child the ice cream because we wouldn't want to hurt his feelings.(sarcasm). Wake up! Do you want people like this ruling the world in 30 years? Questions like this shouldn't be asked. It is an insult to the mind. Go read "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. Socialism is anti-thought.

let the child hold his breath. If he holds it long enough to actually pass out he will fall down and bonk his head but he will also start breathing automatically. Most children do not hold their breath long enough to pass out because not breathing actually hurts. If he starts to make a scene screaming and crying calmly pick him up walk out the door and go to the car. Sit in the car until he calms himself down and then return to the store but do not give in and buy ice cream. The next time you go to the store remind the child that if he acts bad you will take him back to the car until he is calm again. Never give into a tantrum or bad behavior. If he is good and you feel like buying something or if he asks nicely and has been good then buy the treat but remind the child you are buying it as a treat for good behavior

that girl!
well, if he's just being a brat then let him hold his breath. if he blacks out he will be unconscious and no longer holding his breath, he'll be breathing on his own. you just want to make sure he doesn't hit his head on anything causing injury.

He can hold his breath until he passes out, at which point he begins to breathe again.
She should tell him to go ahead & hold it!

He will not die or pass out. Believe me, at 5 years old, children can't hold their breath that well. If he really starts making a scene, punish him, possibly through spanking. I grew up with spanking (at home and at school) and I don't have any psychological or physiological damage from it.

Even if you could hold your breathe that long you would only pass out and start breathing again!

,I witnessed this in the grocery store, the child wanted candy, the Mother said no,
all hell broke loose, the child fell to the floor, screaming, kicking, pounding and flagging.

Everyone in the store, stopped dead in their tracks. The child look like he was in a epileptic fit, red faced and holding his breath.

The Mother calming went over to him, told him "I am leaving now" slowly walked away.
The crowd was flabbergasted.

The child turned his head, saw that she meant it, slowly got up, shut up, and hurried to be with this Mother.

He knew, that she would not give in to this type behavior.

Just let the kid try. He will learn soon enough that oxygen is important. It will not kill him.

I had a friend who's little sister did just that. The dr said to let her, and she would hold her breath till she passed out. When she passed out, she would start breathing again. No psychological damage, and the child was not able to manipulate the parent.

heather a
let him hold his breath no harm will come to him, however, giving in to his black mail will turn him into a spoiled brat that will not be able to handle life in the future when his little "demands" wont work in the real world

Yes let the child hold his breath he will not die from it. He will pass out and begin to breath. This child needs to learn that we don't always get want we want in life. Life is full of disappointments but it still goes on!!

I would advise her to spank him until he cries... that will get him breathing. Little brat.

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