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John S
106 F Fever!!?
I'm 13 years old and i have a really bad painful cough.
Ive been having a fever for 2 days. these are the temps..
Yesterday Afternoon: 106.8 F
Yesterday Evening: 105.5 F
Yesterday Night: 106.4 F
Today Morning: 103.2 F
Today Afternoon: 102.0 F
Currently: 102.5 F

Should I still see a doctor, because it's only 102 right now...

You probably have pneumonia. Get your butt to a doc or ER!

Call Me Babs
I'm surprised that you're not dead. I think someone should take you to the ER.

Yeah, if it was really above 105 you need to be hospitalized. anything above 105 is deadly and leads to brain damage. If your temp was really 106, you should have been in a coma, some it might be slightly off on the thermometer. Get to the hospital like yesterday

Have you talked to your parents about this? Please do so at once, ok? As far as your fever is concerned, it's going down which is a good sign. Your body is fighting off whatever invaded it. Are you taking any Tylenol or Advil? If not, ask your parents if you can take some every four hours, that will help your fever to come down even faster. I'm worried about the painful cough more than the fever, actually. Are you coughing up any blood or rust colored mucous? If so, you need to go to the emergency room right away? Do you have a barking cough? That could be pneumonia. At any rate, I think you should still see your Doctor just to make sure this virus is under control. Good luck, hope you feel better soon. Oh, also, eat some chicken soup or broth. The heat from it can help soothe your airway!

You should see a doctor. Im not trying to scare you or anything but any temp. over 105 is deathly. I had a temp of 107 degrees F when I was little and I had to go to the ER.

Wow! go to the doctor a temp of 105+ can kill you. so just run! and if its 102 now. still i would

hope you feel better bro :D!


Young teens can tolerate very high temps, but 104 or above can be detrimental to your health..ie: seizures and brain freezes. If you smoke stop...it's killing you! If you have a bad cough you might have bronchitis from an infection. You should have gone to the doctor's yesterday with the very high temp. Taking Aspirin and/or Tylenol with cool showers will help bring down your temp, but onlya doctor can diagnose what is wrong with you. Hoping you feel better!

I don't know if this is a joke or what, if it isn't why in the world didn't you go to the Doctor yesterday when you temp was 106? Yes, you should see a doctor but now your stuck with a long ER visit if it's a holiday tomarrow like where I live.

MICHAEL and wendy
do not wait I had a fever of 104 to 108 for 8 days I had a severe infection that should of killed me I was given 3 hours to live do not mess around I have suffered memory issues from my fever being so high and I was in the hopsital in ICU and they could not bring my fever down. Go before something bad happens

Katie M
Go to the doctor ASAP!!!!
When you have a temp. that high, it can kill you. the enzymes in your body break down when your body is at such a high temp. that they aren't used too.

i used to have fevers that high.
i actually have a 102.5 now too.
if youre feeling really really ill,
go to the emergency room.
i would actually advise you to go to the ER if you have higher than a 105.5 again.
but for now,
i would go to your family doctor.
talk to your mom about it.
i hope you feel better soon.

You have the flu.

A temp of 106 is very high. Take a cold shower and Tylenol to drop it down. Don't let it stay that high again without treatment.

You should've seen a doctor the minute you had the 106.8 fever! I think doctors usually suggest that you come in if you ever have a fever higher than 104. You mean, your parents haven't taken you to the doctor yet? WOW!

Smile :)
get off the computer and tell your parents! you need to see a doctor right away! you sound sick. sorry, bundle up, please.

yes, u should have went to the hospital yesterday. You can die from a fever that high.

Taylor M
you should definatley see a doctor...you could needs some meds to kick this. you may have somethign really harmful. i would go to er tonight!

It sounds like the worst is over, but if your temp rises again, you should absolutely see a Dr. You might want to see one anyway to see if anything is wrong with you that won't get better without medicine.

AC momof3
Where are your parents? Of course you should have already been to the doctor! You could have pneumonia. Fevers tend to go up after the sun goes down.

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