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My parents have been expecting a lot from me....How can I get out from the pressure it causes me?...

 Does anyone know why the heals of my feet hurt like they are bruised on the bottom.?
I am a little overweight but I have been for awhile now. But I can hardly walk my heals hurt so bad....

 Pain when swallowing

Well, I seem to have kind of a sharp pain when I swallow, yawn, or open my mouth really wide. I had this same pain after I saw a movie a little more then a week ago, but then it went ...

 Please Help Me!?
I started feeling sick yesterday. Today I have a fever of 102, a really sore throat...and my bodies aching like crazy. So obviously I probably have the FLU. But I have RSD...so I'm always real ...

 Every night i am waking up with cramps in my leg and sweating what could be the cause?

Additional Details
i am 40 years of ...

 Anyone Know How To Cure Sore Feet and Legs?
I work 8+ hours a day and im on my feet the whole time, plus im a bigger built person so there is more weight put on my feet. my feet and legs just kill me all day long. ive tried all the over the ...

 I have this pain on my left hand index finger it hurts when I bend it??
I do not remember spraining it maybe it all the questions I ask on yahoo hehe I am developing pain I know I have to go to the Doctor also there has been a lot of heat in my house could that me a ...

 Pain in the right temple over one eye?
had it since yesterday feel bit sick with it is it a migraine or stress related?
Additional Details
not got a cold but have a bit of an earache with it as well?...

 Do Braces hurt?
I'm getting them tommorow and I know my seperators hurt like heck. So should I know anything?...

 Owww. please help :(?
i have a sore on my togue. please help it hurts. what do i do?
Additional Details
i normally get these from like brushing my tongue too hard and stuff
not from something gross you ...

 Do I have arthritis?
Over the last couple of months I have developed a lot of stiffness and pain in my right elbow and the fingers of my left hand. I have never even had a twinge before. I am a 45 year old male who is ...

 I have a migraine for 4 years.but now a days it is out of control,would you suggest me a medicine in india?

 Im in love with this kid...?
he has a girl friend but he always like i love you and stuff and id do anything to be with him i cant stop liking him ive try many time ive tryed explaining to him he knows i like him and he steal ...

 How to treat migraine?

 I have white spots on the back of my throat.?
I have white spots on the back of my throat. My throat hurts and it feels like there's something in it when I try to swollow. What can it be?!?!?!...

 What causes "Pin's & Needles"?
I often wake up with Pin's & Needles in my arm or hands. Is there any thing I can do to stop this. I currently have a shoulder injury (in the same arm that I get pins & needles ) so I ...

 How to fix muscle spasm?
I woke up and snapped my neck (it bent back, I heard a crack, don't ask how I bent my head back, no idea) and then it hurt really bad. I went to the hospital and I have a muscle spasm in my neck....

 I get cramps after drinking breakfast milkshake...?
I just bought it yesterday and checked the date but it expires in 2009 so why do I keep getting "wanting to diorhea and die" cramps? I always get it in school so I can't really focus ...

 Marijuana and severe pain?
I am a 34 yr old mom of 2 who has has 2 spinal disc fusion surgeries and I am llooking at another one here soon,I AM ON EVERY PAIN MED KNOWN TO MAN and nothing really works all I do is sleep a little....

 How do i reduce the swelling on my toes?
i just realised today that all my toes are swollen and they are red and painful im not sure what it could be.if anyone knows any treatments or any other information on this please reply.p.s iv rung ...

Would a kick to the crotch hurt a woman as much as it would a man?
We all know that there's nothing that hurts a man more than that. This isn't sadistic or perverted....but I'm just curious to know if the same thing goes for women too, or if there's another spot on the female body that could cause that much pain.


are you serious? theres no other pain close to getting kicked in the balls...only benefit is that it doesn't last forever. Woman do not get hurt getting kicked in the crotch, only if you were to hit the pelvic bone...but then its still nothing close. Actually, it probably hurts more to get punched in your breasts...but still no comparison!!

Stewie Griffin
NO!! Believe me, it hurts... Im not saying it wouldnt hurt for a female, but I think A male would be in much for pain

PROBABLY NOT, ball bags are very sensitive!!!!, you dont even have to kick them to cause pain.
If you have watched "EDDIE MURPHY-RAW" a stand up comedy video , he speaks of this very thing.
Anyway its funny and worth watching

Dubai Dude
It hurts more for men coz men have soft and sensitive nuts and women don't.

No way!
I don't think it would be comfortable for a woman to be hit or kicked there but it would be nowhere near the vomit inducing, paralysis that i've experienced in school or accidentally in bed.

marvin h
i dont think so when i was younger i tried it on this fat chick i kicked her in her croch she just stood there the she kick my behind

No, I don't believe it would.
But, I think a kick to the breast would come very near.

yes but not as much

A kick to the crotch won't hurt a woman as much as it will a man but it will hurt a lot. Not something you should ever do though.

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