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 Leg cramps and spasms?
for the last few months i have been havong cramps and spasms periodically in my calfs, i have no changed anything in my diet and i dont excersize as much as i should the cramps are worse when i am ...

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Should I lie down on the floor (for a nap) behind my desk and act like I'm looking for something I dropped when my boss walks in?...

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A few days ago my right heel started to hurt a lot...like every time I take a step. I haven't done anything to provoke it. My friend said it might be my "Akeelias" (not sure if I ...

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 Should i see a doctor?
every two hours i get hungry, no matter how much i eat. and i feel hungry, then my stomach hurts, then i get really sharp pains. i cant get to sleep at night unless i sneak food out of the kitchen ...

 Does anyone get headaches or migraines when they go to work?
About 90% of the time I go to work, I get real bad headaches to the point of dizziness. I'm just fine before I go to work but once I clock in and get on a register(I'm a cashier) my head ...

 What do you think of chiropractors?
I have had pain in my back, hips and neck for years and i was told to go to the chiro. i went and he said he could help this but i would have to come back for several sessions. is this really going ...

 How to brake your leg or arm ??

Additional Details
i am not mental i just want to no and i have no problem ...

 Lower Abdominal Pain on left side?
I am having pain near my descending colon (lower left side of my stomach. Every time I stand up is just throbs!! It still hurts when i sit down, but not as bad what is this???? Please help A.S.A.P...

i have atlest 3-5 headaches a week.sometimes i get a sharp pain on the left side of my forehead. is it something bad?
Additional Details
i went to the doctors and gave me meds but i ...

 Do you knaw the name of any water dissolving pain tablets?
I have a real difficulty swallowing ...

 Co-codamol and amoxicillin, can I take them together??
I was prescribed them at the same surgery but by different doctors, I forgot to ask if I can take them together and now the pharmacy will be shut all weekend. I lost the leaflet that came with the ...

 Relief for a UTI!?!?!?
Okay, I think I have a UTI and I am going to a doctor tomorrow. Any way to relieve the stmptoms for the present?...

 Help plz some1?
how can you get rid of a headace with out pills and with out ...

 Could anyone answer a question about headaches?
I get headaches that do not go away with sleep or with pain killers. Sometimes it is pain behind my eyes and other times it may be a sharp pain behind one eye only. It can last from one day to a ...

 Is it possible to have arthritis at age 25?!?
The joints in my hand/fingers in one hand hurt so badly. It has been about 3 months. I keep thinking/hoping that it's just due to the weather changes, but I think it really may be arthritis. I...

 Should I go to the hospital?
I was lying in bed and I moved myself up onto my pillow more and heard a crack. I'm in a lot of pain, in my neck and left shoulder. It hurts really bad to move them! I'm 23 weeks pregnant. I...

 I have to know?
is cracking your knuckles bad? i've heard so many answers. i need to know from someone who has proof or is super-scientifical....

Will my son be alright to fly?
we are going on holiday in a few weeks and my son has trouble with his ears (he has glue ear). is there anything i can do to reduce trouble during and after the flight?
Additional Details
sensible answers only please airbull04. this is a condition that causes my son great pain i dont need stupid remarks from an a*se like you.

Remove the glue from his ears. Is it Elmer's or Super Glue?

Best thing is to check with your GP but I hope it all works out and you all have a graet holiday!!!!

just browsin
That could be painful for him. You better ask his doctor.

i dunno but i would try earcandling for him....they are long sticks you stick in the ear and burn the other end and they just burn down like an insence and the smoke will remove the gunk from his ears.....ive heard miracle stories about these and it's your son so you should be willing to try anything within reason if you haven't done so, try them...it's only a few dollars and if it works then you might save money on medication etc in the future...good luck!!

The ears pop when you get to a certain altitude and it is advisable to put earplugs in ordinary children but this is a medical question and should be answered only by a qualified doctor.

I would first speak to his pediatrician, and you could ask the doctor if it's OK to give him a sedative to calm him and maybe the relaxed state could be a relief from the pressure and him straining to relieve it. The other is a natural calming tablet called calm ease or calm forte about $5.00 at walmart in the vitamin section. have him chew gum to release the pressure and the tabs to relax him. read the instructions prior to the flight and before giving him the tablets, just to make sure you know the correct dosage. Hope this helps.

You can try a type of earplug that is called Earplanes. You can buy them at any drugstore, Walmart, Target, etc. and I think, but I'm not sure, you will probably find them in the same aisle as other over the counter medications for motion Sickness, etc. They keep the pressure balanced inside the eardrum, especially during take off and landing when flying. My son ruptured both of his eardrums when he was 2 years old and has had trouble with his ears since then. We use the Earplanes for him not only when flying, but whenever we go up in the mountains, or whenever he will be experiencing a large change in altitude. Hope this helps.

ask your pediatrician to give him something for comfort/sleep. you would do it for your self. kids do not need to be in pain. good journey

Has he had grommets fitted. If so the problem should be no different from ours. But seek medical advice to reiterate this.

Nutty Girl
best speaking to a doctor when i fly i hold nostrils and breath which pushes air out my ears don't know if its suitable for him to do ,or chewing sweets might help

here is a website that i came across while looking this up. always make sure you contact his doctor before flight but i think from what i read he should be alright

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