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Why does my throat hurt ONLY when I wake up??
For some reason only when I wake up in the morning my throat hurts but it goes away like a hour after I wake up What could this be ? Do you think its cause of wear im sleeping

its dry


When you sleep with your mouth open, your throat dries out.

You breath through your mouth when you sleep. Do you snore or is your nose stuffed up.

Do you have post nasal drip? If you do it might be irritating your throat.

Sometimes for people if they sleep with their mouths open it can dry out the mouth and throat a little bit.

Where do you sleep? Are you near a draft or in a very dry room? You might want to use a humidifier

dry air in house. slept with mouth open, snored.

Several conditions could cause a dry throat in the morning.

Perhaps you have allergies to something in your sleeping area. If you change your sheets frequently, particularly your pillowcase, this may help. In fact, you may be allergic to your pillow itself. Is your pillow foam- or feather-filled?

Snorers often awaken with dry throats, simply because they have slept with their mouths open.

A cold or upper respiratory infection could cause dry throat. If your nose is stuffed up, you probably have slept with your mouth open.

Is the air in your home particularly dry? Consider using a humidifier while you sleep.

A dusty home can also cause dry throats overnight. Perhaps you need to change your furnace filter more often. Consider installing an air purifier, at least in the bedroom.

Most important, if you smoke, you really ought to think about quitting. Smoking is probably the worst culprit, when it comes to a dry throat.

How can you soothe a dry throat overnight? Have a water bottle and maybe some throat lozenges (or even hard candies) next to your bed. These will help to moisten your throat when you awaken.

Here's a link to an online article about allergies - what causes them and how to prevent and treat them.

Yes that is probably part of it, and you probably sleep with your mouth open, therefore drying your throat. You might try putting a humidifer in your room.

It may be because when your asleep your not swollowing and mabye your throat gets dried out.
Try having a drink as soon as you get up.
(sorry about bad spelling)

Hope this helps x

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