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 How to treat migraine?

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Why does my right toe hurt?
On the my right side of my big toe on the right foot, whenever I rub it with my hands or my toes, it hurts a little. Also, it hurts more when i'm wearing a shoe. Is this a problem? Is there any cure?
Additional Details
Also, my shoes are old, I think it's a litlle sore.

LOL it could be ANYTHING! How should we know? Sounds like an ingrown toenail to me.

stomp on the other one lol....

its your back is out of allingment get poped back then the foot pain will be gone

The Munkey Hatchet Man
No cure sorry. It's most likely a small bug that dug into your skin while you were sleeping and the bug fused with your body. It is now eating your toe. The only way to get rid of it is to amputate your foot because most of it is probably infected by now.

If it is the skin that hurts is could be athlete's foot. If it hurts (usually a sharp pain) under the skin at the edge of the nail and it is a little red and swollen, it could be an ingrown toe nail.

for athletes Foot get a foot spray.

for an ingrown nail you can cut it out or have any doctor/nurse practicianer to do it.

steven m
buy shoes that fit proper, or if you are on your feet for most of the day, wear something comfortable

Just moi
It's probably just sore from something or maybe a bug bit it... I would wait a couple weeks....don't rub it

You're probably experiencing an ingrown toenail. To ease the pain a bit, I suggest going to the nearest grocery or pharmacy store and picking up something called OutGro.

If you feel confident in yourself that you can have a steady hand to do so, AND you do not seem to have an infection at the sore part of your toe, you can attempt to remove the ingrown portion of the toenail. Soak your foot in warm water and epsom salts for about 20 minutes, pat-dry your foot, and apply the OutGro to the corner of the toenail that is hurting you. After about five minutes, when the pain is starting to dull, use a pair of thin nail scissors (I do NOT suggest using regular clippers), and attempt to cut out a small sliver of the nail that is bothering you.

Rocker Dude
Check for fungal infection... or any signs of calluses (have you on your feet all day for the past days or so? or long periods of running / standing around?)
Or it could be ingrowns or bruising...

your shoes could be hurting your feet if they are a litttle too small. That happen to me when my shoes were too small and the shoe kept rubbing on my toe and heal.

╚ Alien Gurl ┐
Maybe your shoes are causing your toe pain or a bruise..

David B
Get checked for GOUT

Yeah hit your left middle finger with a hammer and then your foot won't hurt anymore!! No really tell your Doctor they have a MD and would know better then us! Or if you are feeling randy you could go to www.webmd.com and look it up!!! Good luck!!

Maybe your shoes are to thin and you need more wider shoes and your shoes are too small for your feet

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