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 I think i have appendicitis can anyone help?
ive been having this dull pain it its located on the right side almost directly from the belbutton....about an inch or two up...
its been going all night...it dosnt hurt at all realy but its ...

 I have extremely bad lumbar pain and have had all the tests I can have and the doc cant say what is wrong?
they dont give me a reason or a solution to take the pain away I have had some very painful testing with no results
Additional Details
I have been to pm doscs, had mri's, cat scans, ...

 I have spacers but I can't even eat b/c they hurt so bad. Is this normal?
I got spacers yesterday and omg they hurt so bad when I eat I cant even chew with them. I tried tylenol nothings working. Is this normal. It even hurts when I eat bread....

 Does anyone think that smoking marijuana is worse or equal to taking painkillers?

 My neck is really really hurting i have no clue why whenever i move it side to side it hurts a sharp pain!?
anyone have any solutions i tried painkillers they didnt do a thing ?? please help it hurts liek crazy!
Additional Details
without having to go to a doctor....

 What is the easiest way of commiting sucide without suffring much pain?

 How do I get myself off of narcotic pain pills? Please read !!!!?
I was in bad accident in 2001, A car hit my motorcycle and it left me pretty messed up. I broke my arm, fractured my pelvis, messed up my back and left me with constant headaches. My arm and pelvis ...

 I have Moderate Chest Pain. How Serious?
Heres the story, saturday I wrestle around with a friend, and he ends up sitting on my chest for a bit. Also in this day, a pigeon poops on me, but I wipe it off and all that. Sunday I woke up with ...

 I have a really bad ear ache! the ER is a joke here. Anyone have any suggestions on a home remedy?
I have an earache and can't afford to go to the hospital when I know what is wrong. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a simple remedy that I could do at home to give me some relief. P...

 Why do we get headaches if we don't eat breakfast?
WHY? If I have a late breakfast/lunch, I always end up getting a headache if I don't eat in the morning....

 How to decrease back pain?

 What is wrong with me?
i feel fine all day long, but then wake up with horrible back pain that ends up waking me up a few hours early and then find it hard 2 sleep. this condition came outta nowhere and its been going on ...

 Ear stab???
is there any scene in a movie where someone stabed someones ear or did something to it to make them def....

 Numbness right side of face?
I have been having numbess rightside of my face/behind my ear down my neck, It feels like that tingling sensation you get when you foot or hand falls asleep. I can't take it anymore it driving ...

 Have you ever met anyonr with six toes on 1 foot?

 Bad cramps...?
ok... i know this sounds odd to ask, but my periods are really bad. i get really bad cramps and i am sad or crying most all the time. i dont think its typical pms... any suggestions?...

 My wife a doctor, has slip disc of neck & back with pain & poor quality of life.she is depressed. what to do?
surgery is presently not recommended by the neurosurgoen.HEr profession as a dentist is out of question . remains depressed. children also get scolded by her at times unnecessarily. I am myself a ...

 House bound please help?
i have got a desease its called distonia its causes my head an neck to lean to one side,i find it really difficult to even go to the shop some of the kids where i live they hang around the shop and ...

 My son (16) having pain & weakness in both legs below knee?
On last tuesday my son play for one hour continuously & on wednesday morning he suddenly having accute pain & weakness in both the legs below knee. I consulted two doctors , one was saying he ...

 Bone pain in the legs..any solutions????
Hello all BONES specialists,
For some time from now..i am noticing that when i am walking for some time (like 15-20 mins) i am feeling tired and get lot of pain from toe to thighs..including ...

Why does my foot feel like it is crushed all of the time?
When i stand up my foot hurts like it has been crushed.I have had some ligaments and tendants torn in the back of my heel,and when i try to message my foot it hurts to try to squeeze even just alittle bit.Please i don't want any sarcasm i would like to realy know what is wrong with my foot.i can't afford to go to the DR.With much appretiation.
Additional Details
ok more info added,i am 34yrs old,166 lbs 5',my injuries accured several times,when i would go out side i would sprain my ankles,and i guess my foot/feet just got weaker everytime i twisted my foot the last time i fell i heard a loud popping noise from my foot,i went to the emergancy room the DR told me i torn my ligaments in the back of my ankle/or the side of my ankle.So now i have this pain on the top,and side of my foot and in the side and back of my foot.No i never ware heels.i can't afford health care i don't have a job but thanks for reminding me i can go to the free clinic.i just hope they have some one who can help.Thanks for carring.I am Greatfully appreciated.

when i have a foot cramp I grab my big toe with 2 fingers and my thumb on either side ...it is a pressure point and could help...also yoga or any kind of stretching will help strengthen your foot...also wear good supportive shoes...don't go barefoot :0)

It could be cramps. Try massaging it and soaking it in hot or warm water.

A well fitting pair of shoes that support your ankle and arch is the only thing I can suggest because you gave no other personal history such as weight, age, and over all health.You might benefit from anti inflammatory like Ibuprofen.If its red or swollen you need a doctor.Sorry I couldn't answer you better.

If you had some ligaments and tendons torn in the back of the heel then that's probably it, may be if you try soaking them in hot water or use some hot/warm compresses before massaging them then they might be more relaxed. Hope you feel better :(

No sarcasm, but you have got to find a way to get some free or low cost health care. Among the problems are certainly inflammation, but may also include one or more tendons torn free and coiled in your foot, which only gets worse in time.
I would strongly suggest you look for a sports medicine orthopedic center and make it clear that you are going to have to pay the bill over time, but you are in a lot of pain and concerned about the injury. It may be that you need nothing more than physical therapy with a regimen of exercises you can carry out at home with no further cost. A sports medicine place will have on-site doctors and PT people.
When I was uninsured and crushed the muscle in my leg falling on stairs, I went to a sports medicine place because I thought it was more like a sports injury than am accident related to surgery and was impressed with the attention and low cost.

Faerie loue
You need an orthopedic Surgeon to diagnose it. Otherwise do stretching exorcises with the foot after it is healed, however ligaments will not repair themselves so the hope would be that the remaining ligaments and the muscles will take up the slack best as possible. However without intervention and I am no Dr.-- the ligaments may shrink and your foot may become disabled. Go to a free Clinic but get help.

probably your tendans and ligaments are healing. when they heal they stretch. this causes intense pain. i tore a ligament in my left shoulder when i was 13. i had to do minor exercises every day and keep my shoulder from moving. it took two months for it to finaly heal. and every day there after i had to do strength exercises. it was very painful but after about 3 months it was much better.

el s
You don't say how long you've had this. In regards to ligaments and tendons, it could take many weeks even months for them to completely heal. Injury in the foot is tricky, because your always putting weight on it.
have you tried the ice and keeping it elevated, when you can.
Time may be your only answer.
Good Luck------Lili

If you can;t afford the doctor then I suggest you get Medicare or something like that, or get some sort of insurance plan. You can't really fix problems like that on your own. if you are wearing high heels too I suggest you stop, since high heels are bad for the feet anyway. I hope your foot starts feeling better soon!

You don't need to have top insurance to get top care. Go to a large medical center in your area and apply for free care. Once you are approved make an appointment to see an orthopedist.Sounds like scar tissue has developed in the area from your old injury.
The doctor will be able to tell more specifically and recommend a treatment (usually outpt physical therapy)or surgery
Good luck

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