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 How long is HEARTBURN is supposed to last?

 What happens if I take 4 tylenol?
How about 3? 5? 6? 7?
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I'm not suicidal, and i'm not a piece of emo trash. My mouth hurts because of my braces, and my friend and I were just wondering what ...

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My lower back hurts to do anything. The pain is right above my butt crack. I cant hardly move it hurts so bad. What is wrong with me?
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When I sit down I get a SHARP ...

 Smoking Marijuana For Pain?
I underwent sugery in 2004 to repair 2 ruptured discs and due to this i lost movement & feeling in my feet. I also have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and also sufer from really ...

 Why do I get a really bad head & jaw ache the next day after singing??
I've been singing for quite some time, and for the last year I get really bad headaches and jaw aches the next day after doing alot of singing. Was wondering if it can be my TMJ?? These arent ...

 Will I pass my drugtest with 1 hydrocodone in my system?
i broke my wrist last week at college, and didnt go to the hospital until the next morning. To fall asleep that night i took one of my leftover hydrocodones from getting a wisdom tooth extracted. I ...

I am taking Vasograin, but there is no relief ...

 I'm really scared that..?
I might have a brain tumor! because i've been having migraine headaches since last saturday and i looked up the question "how do you get brain tumors?" and i saw the symptoms and it ...

 Am I having a stroke???
I have had tingling in my chin for about a day now, happens about once every couple of hours, headache that doesn't hurt that bad, and sore eyes, able to play video games, walk, read , and watch ...

 Im only 21 and I should be in good health but my bones hurt all the time is there something wrong w? me?
bones suchas neck back spine ...

 How hard is it to explain how painful kidney stones are?
I was discussing with some friends the other day about worse pains etc and could not express the enormity of the pain and I have given birth before anyone asks
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Thanks D...

 How can I get rid of chronic backpain and leg pain? I'm taking meds for it but what else would help?
Physio makes it worse and the pain is really bad....

 Please tell me why my side is hurting?
my right (kinda between my hip and rib are,) side hurts, not so bad that where i'm ready to cry or can't sleep. Its constant, but it doesnt really hurt unless i take a deep breath. i think ...

 Face pain below eye, ear pain and jaw pain, worse when sun goes down.?
For about a month now I have been having severe pain. My cheek below the eye feels a little tingly, then my ear will hurt and my jaw is hurting. I have put numbing stuff on my teeth and it doesn'...

 Pain in my back hand/wrist, help please?
For about 4 or 5 days now i have had a pain in the back of my had/wrist area. I can no longer bend my wrist back without excruciating pain. I am scared that if i go to the doctors they will make me ...

 Why can't I get strong pain meds without seeing a doctor?
I get kidney stones regularly and I know the drill, just drink lots of water and take strong pain meds. Only Oxycodeine, Demeral or morphene work. But I need to get a prescription to get those. I ...

 Got a head ache!?!?
ive had a cold 3 days now! but now ive got the weirdest head ache! its like throbbing in my brain! if i cough or snezze i feel this horrible pain in my head like someones dropped a hammer on it! i ...

 Does hydrocodone and oxycodone show up as the same thing on a urine test?

 I have a stomach virus, doc gave me nexium, what is nexium?
i have stomach pains and diarrhea, was taking mylanta but was told that causes diarrhea, so stopped that now taking nexium per doc ...

Why do we get headaches if we don't eat breakfast?
WHY? If I have a late breakfast/lunch, I always end up getting a headache if I don't eat in the morning.

When you get headaches from not eating , thats your bodies way of telling you you need to nourish. Just like you need to put gas in the car to drive, you need to eat to keep functioning . When your sugar level drops rapidly you will also experience dizziness along with those headaches, and believe me you don't want that.

joe d
Some people need nutrition early in the morning to get their blood sugar levels up, and headaches are generally caused by the body requiring food. I get like that if I miss lunch.

Not everybody does. If your breakfast consists of addictive substances, like sugar and caffiene, or if you are sleeping off a hangover or if your bowels are empty or have pockets, or if you slept the wrong way or breathed fumes at night from chemical substances or carbon monoxide....lots of reasons ....

Nevada Pokerqueen
Your body has gone all night maybe 8 hours or even longer without nourishment. If you eat you nourish your system but if you skip breakfast your body needs to get nourishment from your muscles and brain. Always have something in your stomach first thing in the morning.

when your blood sugar is out of whack it can give you headaches, make you sick to your stomach, give you the shakes... all kinds of fun stuff. You may be mildly hypoglycemic.

Just another 2D character online
I can't believe you don't know this. Your body needs food. If it does not get the proper amount of food at the right time then your body will make its displeasure known by making you hurt. Make sure you eat some breakfast in the morning. It tends to help you function better until lunch.

Don't skip breakfast.It causes gas formation and may
create headache. Headache is a pain in the head, scalp
or neck. Headaches can becaused by minor problems
like eyestrain, lack of coffee or moreserious reasons like
head injury, brain tumors, encephalitis andmeningitis.
Taking painkillers continuously can have harmful side
effects, so it is better to modify your lifestyle. More information
available at http://tinyurl.com/q8696

because if we don't eat breakfast then we wouldn't have eaten since your dinner last night...wich would be like a long time depending on when you wake up have dinner ect.

low blood sugar....I do this when I dont eat in the morning......generally it means that my blood sugar is low.

You do? I've never got that! And i never eat breakfast! I think it might be because you are used to eating in the morning and your body need something to work on! The body always tells you when something is wrong!

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