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 Severe knee pain? What's the remedy?
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 Would cannabis help with pain from ankylosing spondylitis?

Why do people hold their breath when in pain?

Don't know - but likewise why do you automatically stick your finger in your mouth if you hurt it?

To stop themselves screaming?

Adams and Shovnovskja
Because it makes them feel better and relieves the stress. Perhaps it is a natural physiological reaction.

It allows them to concentrate on the pain, and stops them bawling...................

I hold my breath when Im in pain, its kinda like Im trying to stop the moment to give me the strength to carry on coping with it. Usually after holding my breath I channel my breathing as best as possible by breathing in through my nose and blowing out of my mouth. I guess holding my breath does stop me screaming. Majority of women hold their breath during labour, which is why midwives like the mums to go to antenatal so they practise all that "panting" & "blowing!"

I try not to do this as it doesn't help, I have chronic severe back pain, I find deeper, slower breaths far more effective to help control the pain. That and thinking of ice on the area.
Same here Susandorey I have had pain for 20 years, it must work if we both learned similar techniques.

I hold my breathe when in pain in the hope i might pass out and when i wake up the pain will be gone :) only kidding, not sure why but it does seem to help, may be its because when you hold your breath it draws away from the pain as your brain will tell you to breath in order to survive.

Pleasant Peter Perkins
It is an instictive attempt to control the pain. Some psychologists have asserted that we also may stop breathing in order to assess the amount of pain and therefore the amount of damage we might have suffered because of the injury.

Shallow breathing or holding ones breath is a very natural reaction to pain and in fact this causes increased pain.

What we need to do when we are suffering pain is to practice deep breathing to oxygenate the body to promote healing.

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