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I don't understand why people are so afraid of them.

Any insight?...

 My knees are pain as i walking for whole day...?
and everyday i faced same problem....is it my bone are lacking...but im just18???
Additional Details
i have a glass of milk everyday.......

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 POLL: I stand all day, at work... How do I get rid of swollen feet/ ankels?

Star th*s.
Additional Details
Wa! My new clunky work shoes gave me a varicose vain! OUCH!

went up my foot and it hurts like hell i think its a toothpick any ideas how i can get it out without going to the ER. whatever idea works gets 10 points.
Additional Details
my mom tryed ...

 A question about over-the-counter pain killers....?
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thankyou ...

 How do i get rid of this pain?
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Is it good or bad to ...

Why do my ear plugs hurt?
I live in the city and I love wearing ear plugs to bed; but after four hours I always wake up in pain. My ears are sore and throbbing and I have to take my ear plugs out. Why is this happening? And is there anything I can do so I can wear ear plugs at night?

Additional information: I use the foamy ear plugs; the kind you squish and then insert into the ear.
Additional Details
I'm not putting them in too far. That's not the problem.

The Man In The Mirror
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wet them first ,roll them between thumb and four finger as small as possible ,raise up your ear at the top and insert them not all the way in you ll have to adjust them, also try a drop of baby oil on them maybe less than a drop, good luck,walt

um...dont squish them in so hard they are causing too much suction on your ear drums and cutting off circulation

try going out and buying ear phones that you can sleep with and turning the radio on to some white noise or ambient music

I've noticed that the ear plugs that I am using are the best so far. I use them for sensory deprivation play as well as regular resting type stuff. they are the foamy ones but I make sure to get a good set thta is sturdy and not to big

dont squish them all the way in and make sure that they arent suctioned into your ear

they should be just settingin there enough to block noise

waste away
well i suppose the ear plugs can start to hurt after a while...i think the sony erricsson ear phones are the best cause they r soft and go into ur ear, n they dont hurt as much

My ears are sensitive to ear plugs and I've tried all different kinds of them. Some of us just can't wear them without causing irritation to the inner ear. I've been to my doctor about this and she said stay away from ear plugs unless you think its worth it to have reddened ears and pain. Cocoa

It could be an allergic reaction, why don't you try with cotton?. don't squeeze them too deep, though!

You might have an infection. They could be pushed in too far.

Try yawning after you insert them to equalize the pressure on both sides of the ear plugs.

You need to change to a different type of ear plug. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to recommend something different.

I have difficulty after wearing earplugs when listening to my MP3 player. My head hurts, my jaw hurts,I feel dizzy, my ears throb.

What may be happening to you is that the earplugs are causing discomfort in your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ is located here: http://www.jawdoctor.com/images/tmj1.jpg

Now look at this photo of the TMJ being palpated: http://www.ispub.com/xml/journals/ijfp/vol2n2/tmd-fig7.jpg.

Your earplugs may be putting pressure on this joint, causing your symptoms. Even a slight amount of pressure in this area can cause discomfort on this joint, especially after several hours.

This does not mean you have TMJ disorder. You are not likely to cause TMJ disorder by wearing earplugs. But your temporomandibular joint may be causing your discomfort.

Are you using the earplugs to listen to music or to block out sound? Soft silicone earplugs (the "waxy" kind you can shape yourself) may help block out sound, but you must be careful not to insert them any farther in your ear than necessary. Another option, if you are listening to music, is to use headphones that do not go into your ear canal.

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