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Why are my ankles always cracking?
My ankles are always cracking, the cracks sound loud and painful but it doesn't feel painful. They tend to ache alot too especially after a workout or an active day. What is it? Is there much I can do about it?

cus your old

Can't answer that but when you find out, let me know... I have been trying to figure out for years why mine do!

wierd, maybe you have weak ankles, or you have something wierd, like bone detierioration, I CANT spell, but you already guessed that, try taking it easy, then maybe go to the doctors if it still hurts!

You have weak ankles. Mine do the same. The dr. suggested to me doing stretches for them. Hold your hands on the wall like you are about to be searched put one leg back further than the other and slightly push stretching the ankle muscles. Do this a few times a day to each ankle and you will notice less cracking.

i have this problem too, my ankles crack, my toes crack and my knees crack when i walk up the stairs..........i'm only 20! scary!! i went to see the doctor about my knees as occasionally it's painful and sometimes they give way when i get out of bed first thing. he said basically that i'm knock kneed!! the knee cap doesn't move over the joint smoothly, so i'm guessing the other cracky joints are a similar problem

Weak ankles are often due to the ligaments being too soft and flexible allowing excessive movement when you walk. You could visit a podiatrist or even a good running shop and have them watch your walking motion. You may over pronate which means that your foot "rolls" when you walk. If this is the case a special insole to put in your shoes helps tremendously, it is slightly thicker on one side to prevent the rolling motion.

Try this simple test. Look at the soles of your shoes, especially those with treads on... Is the tread more worn on one side of the shoe than the other? It is usually especially noticable around the heel. If so then you pronate when you walk. It can lead to pain in the knees, shins and hips after an active day.

Hope this helps.

Paul S
Hmm i have this problem too, but maybe thats due to playing sunday morning football for 20 years and getting the slow so called hatchet men trying to hack me down cus i run rings round em.

my ankles are very strong yet they still crack, maybe its just wear and tear.

It usually means the joints are getting stiff throughout the day. Do you stand a lot? They crack because the body is trying to Loosen up the joints. It doesn't hurt anything, and as long as it's not painful I wouldn't worry. Maybe some more stretching exercises in the morning or after work. Dave.

If you have weak ankles then it would be a good idea to wear light ankle supports while exercising. I did notice though that when I started running more often, my ankles cracked less- possibly because I was strengthening them (not sure on that one!)

It may just be that you don't have a lot of fluid in your joint where the 2 ends of the bone meet therefore less cushioning = more noise!! I don't think there's anything you can do about it but I would start taking your Cod Liver Oil just in case!

my toes are like this - they click/crack everytime i walk. ive had this from when i was younger, and my mom took me to the doctors and he said there was nothing he could do - it just means i will have arthiritus in my toes when im older.

this could be the same for you, but go to your GP to find out.

MrsHyde,, Hell Yeah
I got that too, even after I broke my ankle. Its something to do with the air bubbles around the joints I think. Don't be worried.

Take care x

Petit Chou
Good morning Moo

To try to come up with a really useful and positive answer I looked up the condition on the net..


however, it seems they didn't know the cause either. As long as there's no pain associated with the cracking then you shouldn't worry. Stretching exercises can help but only if you do them regularly enough. My ankles crack too and I often find that cracking them deliberately seems to give a sensation of relief around the joint.... so I actually like to twirl my ankles and MAKE them crack.

This seems to be the result then of prolonged standing and maybe in later life, we will get water retention probs.. swollen feet or tree trunk legs.....(oooer)?!!

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