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Tubby W
When i move my wrist up and down it cracks and i can feel the two bones shift what is wrong??

sounds like you need to see a doctor...

soda pop
your wrist might be out of place... you could either go to a massage therapist, the chiroprator, or the dr... its your call. but if you go to the dr you will jsut get xrays and pain killers or something... and have a huge bill.

pink dragon
ewww! that sounds like you dislocated something, go to the doctor right away!

There may be ligament or tendon problem.

It is normal for your wrist to hurt if you move it SOMETIMES. The cracking sound is due to the air released while moving your wrist joint to a specific angle. But if it hurts really really bad or every now and then I suggest that you might need a doctor's assistance. It may be a sign of rheumatism or other similar disease.

Jenna K
you're ignorant...everyone's wrist cracks....
if it hurts really bad, it's probably broken. and you're ignorant.
if not, you're ignorant.

the cats' mother
The bones are supposed to move. You have a wrist joint there and when it moves and you hear it crack it only means that air is being forced out of the joint by the movement. I just did it myself. It is the same thing when you 'crack' your knuckles. The crack you hear is the air being forced from the joint. Your ulna which is the bone which makes up your forearm articulates (that is moves in tandem) with the bones in your hand. They are supposed to move and that is what you
feel. Try it with your elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle. All these
joints move with the bones and you can feel them all moving when you flex.

thats really weird... my girlfriends wrist doest the same thing... i know exactly what your talking about... she went to the doctor and all he told her was to give it rest and wear a brace. she has had the problem for like over 3 months... its really weird.

John N
as long as there isn't any pain it should be fine
perhaps you've put it through a substantial amount of shock?
mine does that all the time, i used to and still do punch bags of sand

Use WD40

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