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Pastor Martinez
When having a boil lanced, are you in more pain than before?
Shouldnt after having it lanced shouldn't it stop hurting? and if it hurts more than before it was lanced it that normal?

shaela f
i have had many boils. and the pain may be worse after being lanced. it all depends. BUT what i found out it boils are very contagious. BLEACH EVERYTHING. and go buy some Iodine, mix it with anti-bacterial soap, wash area LIKE MAD!! seriously the cleaner you keep it the better. keep a hot pack on it. take Tylenol. wish you the best. boils are a ******.

It should be a little bit sore but if it still really hurts then there is more puss to be sqeezed out

it is normal as they cut into it and it won't last very long


Pammy in Naples
You should go back to the doctor he should give you antibiotics for this I have had them before they have to get all the infection out sometimes they call they call this a core.

Yes, immediately after the lancing it could hurt allot more the first five minutes, but from my experience the overall pain will subside as the healing process can move along.

racer 51
i have never had one lanced. i've always releyed on hot compresses and an ointment called boil ease. works great.

Put an ice pack on it...take OTC pain Reliever, give it a chance to heal from the inside out.

i hear that i get it on my back it kills me

You're okay. The lanced boil will still hurt. It will get better in a few days. Right now, it is open and still draining. Usually, within a few days after lancing, most of the pus inside has drained out and the pressure has been relieved. Follow your doctor's insrtuctions regarding aftercare. Depending on the location, it might be sore for a while. If you are still in pain after 4-5 days, call your doctor. If you are not already on antibiotics, you may have to take them. Make sure you keep the area clean and dry. I've had a couple and while I felt immediate relief after the lancing, they still hurt for a few days.


Its not abnormal for there to be increased pain for a day or two.

A lanced boil needs followup immediately if it shows increased redness.

Sometimes the doctor will pack the boil with antiseptic absorbant material... thats definitely painful.

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