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What makes it worse than any other fix like smoking? I mean I si myself and, as long as it isnt too deep whats the big deal?
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What would happen if i took a whole bottle of PM tylenol?

I hope you are joking, right? Go ask your Dr. and they will tell you the truth about doing that or your parents.

naomi b
you could die, pass out anything. I took 50 Tylenol pms and i pass out and when i woke up my left side of my body was numb and i started to halucinate. so dont find out...

im thinkin getting your stomache pumped, or how do you like the taste of chalk? why would you even consider this?

you would probably go into a coma

you would go to sleep and NEVER wake up. Not a smart thing to do.

If you take a whole bottle of pm Tylenol you going to kill you're self and I hope you dot do that because you're a nice person and if you need someone to talk let mi know OK Aim hear for you. OK

Bud's Girl
You will overdose, and someone will have to call the Ambulance for ya. When you get to the hospital, they will pump your stomach, which I hear is an AWFUL procedure. You'll feel like crap physically and worse emotionally. WHY?

The Doctor of Stuff
once the Acetaminophen was metabolized by your liver would start to shut down. over the course of the next few days the medical staff at the local hospital could treat the symptoms but you would die a slow and very painful death.

Muga Wa Kabbz
You could potentially, permanently injure your liver to the point that you may need a liver transplant. Not to mention the possibility that the OD might kill you.

Reva P
You'd kill your liver.

kathleen m
You could die or become very sick. Please do not do it!!!

Well firsoff iam a little concerned about this question!!!!!!!!
I think you should talk to someone .

Pitty that you'd even think of such a question.
Perhaps you'd get water posioning from drinking too much water before you take all the pills.

You'd be a moron.

Seriously, it's not going to kill you...if that is your intent.

Lots of people wind up in the ER trying to OD on Tylenol and quite frankly it's sad. It will however cause serious painful damage to your liver. You'd have to take A LOT past that point to actually kill you, and there really are more productive ways to go.

And finally, if you are asking as a means to end your life and not just out of curiousity, please seek help. Suicide is really a pathetic way to go. And regardless of how bad you think your life may be, you really have no idea how worse off others do and have had it and been successful in life. There really is no better satisfaction in life than being more succesful than the people bringing you down ;)

Jesse's Girl
You'd be in a lot of pain. Tylenol destroys your liver, and it's a nasty, slow, VERY painful recovery.

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