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 Head Cold- stiff neck, sore throat, hurts to swallow, head ache, ear ache...what is it? easy 10 points?
I have this really bad head cold,and have had it for 3 days now. These are the symptoms: hurts to swallow, sore throat, stiff neck, headache, ear ache, runny nose. and my right eye is red. Where it ...

 What kind of injury would cause 10 out of 10 pain?
It cracks me up when people will call their doctor on a cell phone and say that their tooth is causing them pain of 10 on a scale of 1-10. Never tell a doctor that your pain in a 10 because if it ...

 I hurt my leg, and I need to know how to make it better?
I'm in color guard and cheerleading and was stretching my leg in a leg stretch one day when I felt something tear. It felt fine, but the next day, I couldn't do anything anymore, not even ...

 I want to get my tongue pierced..?
im scared how bad it will hurt..and how long will it last..the pain and the swelling....

 My bones hurt?
it comes on and off my legs hurt mostly my knee i checked it its not broken and some times i am sore do you know what it could ...

 Can anybody help me with thos health question?!?
For about 5 monthes now, I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my right leg in my upper thigh. It is constantly numb and tingling and quite often itches, when I itch it though, it is so strange, ...

 How do i fake apndicides to a real doctor in the emergnce room?
i have chrones and would like to have my apendix out how do i do that when i have two large scars on my stumch and the think it is chrons ...

 Bad calf pain?
Last night i woke up with the worst pain in my calf. It felt like someone had a really strong hold of it. just a real tight feeling. anybody ever experice this?
Additional Details
thanks ...

 T.E.N.S. machine?
does anybody have one ive heard about them how do you use them
Additional Details
sorry about the star thing i accidently clicked ...

 My 11 year old has been getting Stomach pains for over a month, they are off and on during the day?
The doctor has said it is very common amongst children and has prescribed medicine for gas and constipation which has not worked. She is passing wind and burping....

 Trouble sleeping?
I have a lot of trouble sleeping do to severe neck and back pain any suggestions....

 The right side of my neck is extremely sore, what can I do?
I slept for 11 hours straight today, and I guess I stayed in the wrong position or slept different than normal. The right side of my neck is extremely tense and hurts like heck. I've tried to ...

 Why is it when you injure yourself and are screaming in pain someone always asks if that was sore?

 How do you relieve the pain of a charlie horse?

 What is the leathel dose of tylenol?

 Ouchie my belly button?
hurts :[[ why?? no i Dont have it pierced its inside OWIE :[[[ i just woke ^ with it :[[[ HElp and when i stretch or touch it it hurts... :[[...

 How can i get my doctor to write a script for oxy?
so, i messed my back up at work. 2 guys lifting a 500 lb steel beam. i'm in construction but im not a big guy. i weigh 155 lbs soaking wet. my back is shot. it happened on friday and im ...

 Which one is the best?
In your opinion on painkillers which one is the best
Additional Details
I just found out I broke my neck & was wondering what I need to ask for....

 Is anyone have back pain sloution?

 I am scared that i have something serious wrong with me?
i went to the hospital coz i woke up one morning and couldnt open my jaw as much as usaual, the xrayed it and couldnt find anything. the next day i was sick coz i got myself that worked up that i had ...

What is the difference between vicodin & tylenol w/ codeine?
arent they both pretty much the same thing?

Wizard of Oz
listen to SARGE927!
he's right on the money!

Bob P
Tylenols w/ Codeine (T3's) are a milder pain killer than Vicodin, and a lot less addicting. Both contain large amounts of Acetaminophen. I dont know about too much about T3's but for every 10mg of hydrocodone in a 1000mg Vicodin there is 990 mgs of Acetaminophen, which in large amounts is really bad for the liver. Werd.

Bodacious Baby
OH NO VICADIN IS THE REAL DEAL! AND VERY ADDICTIVE IT IS A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE. Tylenol with Codeine is a joke u r better off with Advil if u ask me. But I would never touch Vicodin unless I was in chronic uncured pain!!! Very addictive people buy this on the street, I know a girl who pays $7.00 a pill and is a mess without them.

Vicodin = VI codiene or 6x Codeine. Vicodin has 6x the pain killing power as an equal amount of plain Codeine. So... 5 mg Vicodin equals 30 mg Codeine in pain killing power.

The hydrocodone in Vicodin is a semi-synthetic opiate. The only non-synthetic or semi-synthetic opiates are Codeine and Morphine.

Most European countries don't use hydro- or oxycodone (Percodan). If you don;t get relief with Codeine, they go right to Morphine.

They're almost the same, they both have Tylenol (Acetaminophen) in them. Vicodin has hydrocodone instead of codiene.

sorry wizard of oz benny is more rigth than the sarge actually both are narcotics there in the same dea class C3 (but Tylenol 3 may be a c4 not sure it definetley is less powerful than Vicodin as everyone else agrees on)well controlled subctances any way but both are habit forming and both come from opiates and like benny the paramedic said one contains hydrocodone the other codiene both are controlled because they are habit forming they are pretty much the same and like al sad both got Tylenol in then so if you take to much it will mess up your liver

no Vicodin doesn`t have Codeine in it but it has tylenol

Vicodin contains synthetic Codeine called hydrocodone. Tylenol with Codeine also isn't generally as strong as Vicodin. Those with allergies to Codeine can usually take products containing hydrocodone.

Both pain meds however this Tylenol is Acetaminophen with Codeine and Vicodin is Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen. Do not take someone else's medication.

Nope. Tylenol with Codeine is simply that -- acetaminophen With Codeine (which is a narcotic in the same family as Morphine, Opium, and heroin). Vicodin is a non-narcotic painkiller that actually has more pain killing power than Tylenol with Codeine. WARNING: Both are addictive, so don't take either without a valid prescription from a doctor and be sure to follow the doctor's instructions when taking either medication.

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