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 Headaches please help?
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 Any idea why I have migraines for 1st time in my life @ 35?
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 The difference between left and right side of the brain?

 Pain in groin?
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 Why does it feel like I have a bruise on my leg, but there's no bruise?
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percs-O.C. chick
What is the best way to act an injury to get pain killers from a doctor? im thinking like a pulled muscle?
im looking to get percs, oxycotins vicadins anything higher than tylenol 3 that a doctor would prescribe me
any tips or anything on what to say.. i have an appointment at 2:30 pm today!

Call in your own prescription to the pharmacy, they do take recorded messages

Kim k
I've never heard of a doctor that prescribes narcotics for a pulled muscle. If you want oxy, you'll have to figure out how to fake cancer or end stage AIDS. You know, where the skin peels off your body and you have open sores all over your face.
If you're exposed as a drug seeker you'll never get another pain med again so you'd better hope you don't break a leg or have surgery. The DEA has records on anyone who has been given Oxycontin, ya know. And with today's computer records you can't get away with drug seeking in this way. This mentality will not only get you a world of hurt, but jail time too. Just thought I'd throw that out there for consideration.
If you already have a problem get help before it gets worse. You don't know what pain is until you are addicted and have to go through withdrawal syndrome. If you aren't addicted yet you need to find out what you're playing with before you are.

Dr. Don'tfeelgood
First off why are you on line asking this question? Secondly a pulled muscle, though painful, would likely not get you anything in return. Maybe you should tell the doctor that you were dropped on your head when you were a baby and that you are having residual migraines because of it. Or better yet, tell him/her that one day when you were young, you were gnawing on a window sill and that while enjoying the taste of the strawberry red lead paint the window pane fell and came down on your head....thus causing the migraines and brain cramps that have brought you to the hospital......Now in all seriousness you need to take it from someone who knows a lot about pain killer addiction when I say that the road you are on is a dangerous one and you need to stop doing this. If it is your first time doctor shopping pretend the store has closed and try talking to your doctor about addiction....if you use opiates everyday think about suboxone....I need to go now but I hope you don't make the same mistakes I did.

Sorry but I would say dont bother. you are headed for a lifetime of loserdom if you carry on thinking in this way.

The doctor will be able to figure out what you are up to so don't even try. Doctors are so cautious nowadays and they know what drug seeking behavior looks like. I hope that you get smart and choose not to proceed with this silly plan because if it backfires on you, it will impact every doctor visit from that point forward. If you get written up for this, when you are in real pain you won't be able to obtain meds.

Doctors are not dumb, they are hip to all the tricks to try to get pain medicine for nothing. He is not going to just take your word for it, he will examine you first, and he will know if you are faking it.

Cat Loves LIN 300!
Doctors aren't stupid, but you are. The best way is to BE ACTUALLY HURT AND NEED THE PAIN KILLERS. Go get your wisdom teeth out or something.

not sure what city you are in. but please consider getting some help for your "problem" I N T E R V E N T I O N.
there is free help for you, hope you are open to help. GOOD LUCK, www.drug-rehabs.org

sounds like you have a substance abuse issue, seek counseling or go to an Narcotics Anonymous meeting and get help.

tell him you are stupid and need these pain killers to make it go away.

Put your leg under a car tire and get a friend to drive over your leg. Acting your injury will be easy after that.

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