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 What are your experiences with an epidural ?
I am really thinking I want to get one, but I am nervous about the hospital staff messing up and just numbing my leg or half my body. (Hospital has only been doing epidurals for two years)...

 My ears hurt!?
My ears are really itchy! Like WAAAYY down inside them. It almost feels like my throat itches but its my ears. They itch really bad and its hard to scratch your ear canal!
What should i do!!>...

 Really bad headaches - help!!!?
im 12 and every day i keep getting really bad headaces. They're like a shooting pain down the left side of my head or a really bad ache at the back of my head. My head also feels 'blocked ...

 Pain relief? What do you think is the best pain relief after having a molar extracted (cut from bone)?

 Are Memory Foam Mattress Toppers any good ?

 Pain in my back?
once in a while i get shots of pain up my back it feels like a shock and it mostly happends when i am sitting down and when it happeneds i jump up out of my seat its that painfull, it happeneds from ...

 Should I get a lawyer?
I got hurt on the job.My fingers on my dominant hand went through some rollers on a printing press.In just one week I have had 2 surgerys and the doctors say there is more to come.And a lot of hand ...

 Maybe someone can give me some information about social security disability?
My best friend has a herniated disk in her back and is unable to have surgery, because she has no insurance. She is having lots of pain, in her back, hip and legs and is having a hard time working ...

 Anyone have any headache/migrain remedies?

 The front pad and all of my toes on my right foot are always ice cold and sometimes numb. What can be causing?

 I have a pain in the arch of my foot; what could it be?
I get this pain in the arch of my foot, does anyone know what it is? The pain isn't constant, it just comes out of no where whether I am walking, standing, or sitting. When the pain does occur ...

 Between Last night and this morning I have taken 15-16 ibuprofen and aleve am I gonna be okay?
Between Last night and this morning I have taken 15-16 ibuprofen and aleve am I gonna be okay?...

 Is it just a "sore throat" if I cannot eat anything because it hurts to swallow, or if it even hurts to talk?

 Muscular aches and pains?
What would you say is the best spray or cream to rub in to a pain like this?

Without taking pain killing tablets or ...

 My back is always hurting...and I'm only 15!!!?
My upper back has had this really sharp pain, and I've probably had this pain since I was about 10. I'm also only 15 years old. Whenever I get up or I stretch in the morning, it pops and ...

 Broken ankle?
a girl at work has broken her ankle and it is all swollen, she now has pins and needles

what could be wrong, she broke the leg at 8am this morning and still has not gone to A&E!!...

 Should i get my ear peirced?
i want to know if it will hurt a lot or a little i can handle pain but yea.what kind should i get, which is the least painless part of the (outter) ear what kind of earing do i get and how much does ...

 I got a head ache!!!?
i got no painkillers in the house how can a get rid of it?...

 What do you do when you feel hungover?
Like, your liver hurts?! I don't think I'm hungover enough that I'm going to vomit but I have a headache and just feel sick in general, any ideas?...

 Please help,?
I have swimmers ear, and I have had a really bad earache since yesterday (Wednesday). Does anyone know and home remedies that will last for a while?
Additional Details
The Doctors the ...

What is the best thing to do for tired achy feet?
I work 3rd shift and hve only been doing so for a month. I was a stay at home mom for 10 yrs. so this is a major adjustment for me, and my feet really hurt.

I have elastic arch supports that help my feet. CVS pharmacy is where I got them (I think). Elevate them and try a hot bath with epsom salt.

Rest your feet. Soak your feet in cold water.. You would feel very relax and your feet would stop aching. :)

I would suggest a pedicure. They make your feet feel wonderful. Depending on where you live they can be very low cost. You can get one here in California for about $25.

let me massage them

Soaking them in hot salt water. Nothing feels better than this. They also have those foot massager soaking machines. Put on a nice Peppermint cream afterwards.

Try taking a nice long nap. If that is not a possibly, go to a local convenience store and buy one of those foot baths with massage, that helps a lot =)

sarah kay
put them in warm water with some salts, if you have. then massage them with some baby oil or a special cream that helps with tired feet. good luck with your new job!

I dont know what kind of shoes you wear for work but you might try changing shoes half way through your shift or finding shoes that are more comfortable.

The whole epsom salt thing works too. :)

Soak them in Epsom Salts.* True*

Helen Scott
First....get yourself some really good shoes. Walking shoes, running shoes...anything as long as they're comfortable and supportive. Spend the extra money...it's totally worth it. It'll take a little time for your feet to adjust....until then my favourite thing is filling the bathtub with about an inch or so of hot water and soaking my feet. Add some nice scent to it...or they sell foot soak at walmart.

And then get your husband to rub them. :)

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