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What happens if a person takes SIX 200mg Ibuprofen all at once one time daily?
I take these for migraines that I've had since I was 16. Just recently I began taking 6 pills for severe migraines. I started taking them in the middle of September when a migraine lasted for more than 15 days then stopped. Then October 10th started another episode and has been going on non stop and it's now November 3rd, it's been 24 days of non stop pain. Anyone know a excellent Migraine Headache Doctor and can point me into the right direction? Please help me?!?!?!

A migraine that has lasted that long would drive me to the nearest hospital ER for some real pain relief. They might actually admit u and have a neurologist see u there. Does Ibuprofen usually help ur migraines?

Please see the webpages for more details on Ibuprofen and Migraine.The underlying cause for migraine shuld be found out and treated. Consult a Neurologist.

No headache should be lasting that long. I suggest going to your dr. and he can recommend a specialist in your area. It could be something more serious than just a migraine. In the meantime, try Excedrin for migraines. Your stomache and liver will thank you for it.

Natasha B
That doesn't sound o.k. to me. I'm not a doctor, but my mom has suffered with severe migraine's for years as well. She buys Excedrin Migraine but she also gets a perscription for Imitrex. She says it works great. So maybe you should check with your doctor & ask him/her about it.
Sorry if I wasn't much help. I tried! Good Luck

I would be cautious about how many you take. I take 6 ib's alot and sometimes more than once a day but I am a bit heavy for my height and it works for me. See a naturalist, they can let you know what is best for your body. It is healthier that way also.

Bella Donna
Never take that much medicine at once. Ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist.

Anig N
you'll build up an immunity, for one thing, but you can concievably OD on ibuprofin. I have taken 6 at a time (ya know, just for kicks) and all that happened was I could not feel my legs...

Taking too much pain killers can cause liver damage and stomach ulcers. You cannot exceed those 6 tablets otherwise you can overdose. You should spread those 6 tablets out, take 2 every 4 hours or when needed. Personally I would suggest taking liquid cap Advil instead of Ibuprofen. Make sure your eating or have food in your stomach when your taking the pills.

You could also have what's called a tension headache which feels like someone is stabbing you in the head.... ouch! Taking too many pills could result in liver damage & bleeding in your tummy. You should go to the emergency room or your doctor & find out what can be done. Good luck & I hope you get better quick!

migraines only last bout 3 days i dont think its a migraine stop takin 6 tablets that could be causing tha pain migrievil are good tablets make sure u see a doctor

If you are truly taking six 200 mg Ibuprofen tablets once a day, then you are not techically "overdosing", but you are putting a huge stress on your stomach lining.

The maximum daily dose of Motrin (Ibuprofen) is 3200 mg per day. This is normally taken in one of the following regimines:

800 mg three to four times per day
600 mg three to four times per day
400 mg four to six times per day

You are taking 1200 mg once per day. Perhaps you would get greater and more even relief by dropping down to 800 mg three to four times per day. It will be a lot less harmful to your stomach.

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