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Lucy in the Sky
What's the best thing to do when your whole body aches?
There's pain up, down, and all around in both of my arms and my entire back as well. Everytime I try to move it feels like I've got 50 pound bricks pushing on all of my muscles. What is this caused by...? Stress? I haven't changed my daily routine or anything as far as movement goes.
What's the best thing to do/take to help?
Additional Details
edit: It's been like this for 3 days now. so sleep is outta the picture. i will try a hot bath but unfortunately.. i have no alcohol :(

Lacey G
If you aren't running a fever, aren't sweating doesn't sound like the flu. I'd go see my doctor.
Stress usually doesn't come on this suddenly nor feel quite like you describe.

Dude. I don't get why there are medical questoins in yahoo answers. If you're having such pain for no external reason, get yourself to a doctor. You may have circulation problems or something more serious.


the best thing to do is take medicine and i know this sounds painful but it works fill the bath tub up with cold water and ice cubes

Soak in a nice tub with epsom salts, climb in bed and have someone rub you down with ointment and relax for the day.

If you have a Homoeo doctor nearby please consult Until then if you can get medicine "Bryonia Alb" 200 potency please dissolve under your tongue 6-8pills.

Take a Tub with3/4ths filed with luke warm water, and ad two handfuls of SALT in to that.
Please soak your both feet for a maximum of 20 minutes and propose yourself, with full confidence that you are getting on well. Thank the God for healing you.
Throw the water into a closet, so that nobody else will touch or walk in it's contact.

Epsom salts bath. Or you can apply rubbing alcohol over the sore areas. It helps relive mussel aches and penetrates the skin fast.

Denise S
Yes steamy showers help, and also, heating pads as well. Try a warm and comfy place, that is quiet. Liquids are a good idea, sounds like the flu and stress may have helped it but other factors may come into the picture now. The flu shots are being given so it is flu time. I use to drink warm teas as well like the ones from holistic medicine and Yogi teas. If you don't have any try a small amt. of Peppermint, say like two drops or so in the tea, it really clears congestion up for a while and helps you to sleep since you are less stuffed up. Consult your doctor when in doubt.

a heart so big

get a massage and if u can take a hot bath and relax

Stretching helps. Also, it could be your spine out of whack. See a chiropractor.

a nice long hot bath would do the trick,maybe some wine, and then just take it easy and relax !!

Whirlpool or a hot tub with jets would soothe them. A hot shower might help if you don't have access to the hot tub. Some Aleve or naproxin sodium, It sounds like you might ave the flu in that case Doctor prescribed Antibiotics and all of the above. Rest, lots & lots of sleep & load u on the vitamin C!!!!!! OH AND MOM's CHICKEN SOUP or from the can ! Stick to clear light soup or broth, nothin heavy, no soad but "diet" sprite or "diet" 7-up or gatorade & no dairy!

See a doctor ASAP. It could be fibromyalgia. In the mean time maybe some Advil can help.

Always ask a doctor before taking medicine or supplements.

I would think a nice warm bath with a couple alcoholic beverages! =)

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