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krystal d
Urinary tract infection and right side abdominal pain?
i have had NOT real bad pains in my upper and lower right side of my abdomin but annoyances for about 6 weeks now,i went to a walk in clinic tonight and they gave me a urine test and said it didnt come back full blown urinary tract infection but he saw signs of one in it..so he gave me antibiotics..my question is,,should i get a sec. opinion?? he didnt seem very sure that it was a u.t.i. and now im freaking my self out that its not that..

MSC Lieu
UTI's usually give pain in the lower abdomen and (if they're bad enough) lower back from the kidneys. Is the right side of your abdomen very sensitive to light pressure? Have you been having bowel movements daily? It could be anything, and if you don't think it a UTI, then get a 2nd opinion. You may just be having pain from the beginning of a UTI.

See what the antibiotics do. If you are still having difficulty then by all means go to another doctor to have further tests done.

You should not have to get a second opinion if you were prescribed antibiotics. If you take all of them the way you were instructed, and you drink plenty of water, then you will get better with time. Be sure to take ALL of your antibiotics even if you feel better, if you don't the UTI will come back. IF you are still not feeling better by the time your meds are gone...then definitely get a sec opinion. But most of the time with a UTI the antibiotics WILL make it go away. Hope you get to feeling better soon!!!

a 6 week long UTI is VERY dangerous. Go to the doctor right away. The antibiotics should have worked right away. Do not suffer any more because UTi's can get very serious if untreated.

then see a Dr for real..not a walk in clinic Dr who could care less...you'll only get better and put your mind at ease, if you take care of yourself.

If you're not comfortable with the diagnosis, for sure get a second opinion, particularly if he didn't test you for anything else. You could have something entirely different, an ovarian cyst(you're a girl right, otherwise I suppose you better disregard this one), appendicitis, really quite alot of other things. And its good to get checked on just in case, especially if you're worried.

you can get another opinion, or you can follow the instructions.
Drink lots of water, drink Cranberry juice, both help a lot.

well just take all your antibiotics (all of them!!!), and you probably do have a UTI. If things dont get better, go back, you may need a stronger dose. Drink lots of water too, no pop for now.

i've had two urinary Tract infections in my life and neither of them was accompanied by right side abdominal pains.

if im not mistaken, it's the appendix which lies on the right side of the abdomen.

If you had a UTI you would without a doubt know. It makes urinating extremely extremely painful, there might be blood in the urine and the urge to go is very frequent and very bad.

if the dr. didnt seem sure it was a UTI i would def get a second opinion just because the pain has been going on for 6 weeks, which is too long to wait with a pain like that.

you should not have waited that long, go see another doctor.

Lady Picot
Hey drink alot of Cranberry juice and water, and also lay a heating pad on your stomach. and make sure you take you antibiotics with some food and not on a empty stomach!

Sarah Beth
To be honest, I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago, and it turned into a Kidney infection - had a high fever and then had vomiting like it was a nasty stomach flu. The vomiting stopped, but the nausea didn't, and the fever kept getting higher and higher each night. Finally went in and they said it was a kidney infection - had the same dull pain in my side as you described - but they could tell by the urine sample.

One thing I do know - until it's better, lay off any type of soda, drink tons of water, and fit in some Cranberry juice or Cranberry pills if you can.

than get a second opinion, it sounds like a kidney infection as well as a u.t.i. and its also possible the antibiotics weren't strong enough or thet didn't give you enough to kill all the infection... but you need to go back and get your plumbing fixed!

Take the meds & see what happens. If you aren't feeling better in a couple days, go see another doctor. You may have a kidney infection instead of a uti, but the meds will clear this up too.
Drink lots of water & feel better soon.

Uncle Jed
gas , spastic colon, irritable bowel syndrome, or even a pulled muscle could do that. if you arent getting better in a few days , see a GP, & make sure that's what it is.

even have an ultra sound.......

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