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Undiagnosed chronic neck pain, upper right side, c-1 or c-2, please help.?
I have been suffering from chronic neck pain for over 5 years now. It's on my upper right rear side of my neck, most likely C-1 or C-2. It hurst mostly when I use the muscles to support/turn my head.It doesn't hurt when I lay down or rest my head on something. I have been to many chiropractors, neurologists, neuro surgeon, tjm specialists, gp, accupuncture. Have tried amytriptoline, feldine, ibuprofen. I have had 2 mri's, a ct scan and x-rays and all show nothing, and doctors have found NOTHING! The meds and chiropractics did help for a while, but pain returnes. Positions that bother it are sitting at computer or a table like when bending forward eating, returning to a sanding position from bending down, sometimes turning my head, looking up, driving. I can located the area of pain by feeling it, rubbing it does feel good. I don't know what else to do or where else to turn. Any suggestions would be so much more appreciated than you would ever know!!!
Additional Details
Thank you for all of your wonderful answers, they help more than you know!

See a chiropractor - work with them and a massage therapist. READ the book below
Much pain is from muscles below is an example of what may help (based on headaches).
Begin with a couple swigs of molasses or a couple of bananas daily - Magnesium (which regulates many things in the body) and Potassium (a needed building block for muscles).
Drink at least 1/2 gallons of water per day. Running a body low on water is like running a car low on oil is the analogy the head of neurology at UCDavis told my husband about 10 years ago.

Now to the cause - muscles - your back, neck shoulders and head have tender spots. They are knots in the fibers of the muscles called trigger points. It makes the muscles tight which makes them press on nerves and other things causing the pain.

The cure - start with a professional massage, you will also want to go back over any place you can get to 6-12 times per session up to 6 times per day rubbing (or lightly scratching on your head) every where that is tender until the knots go away. The place where the skull connects to the spine press up under the edge of the skull (to get to those muscles).

For more information read The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies. It teaches what to do and where the pain comes from.

Physical Therapy and posture execises really help.
Neck tucks.
don't sit for prolonged periods of time.
Watch your posture when sitting.

Get a good massage.
Physical Therapy will teach you life long exercises to help your posture and help combat this problem.

good luck!

I'm afraid it sounds like fibro-myalgia,,,We have pain and docs don't know why and can't help. Do you hurt anywhere else, usually there are more sore areas in the body. Sometimes one will hurt more than others. Believe me, like you the doctors have tried it all!! Now I just take Ibuprofen when it's real bad, amytripyline to sleep every 7 nights or so, and grin and bear it!!! Stress makes it so much worse! So don't be stressed! Now how to do that I don't know:)

My friend had the same kind of pain in his shoulder. He tried acupuncture. It was the ONLY thing that finally did the trick. (I believe he had to continually go from time to time but he swears by it.) Also, you may want to contact someone at your local health club and see if there are excercises that can strengthen the muscles around the tissue that hurts too.

Well it sounds like you have had extensive evaluations on your neck. Let me chime in and perhaps offer some help. Often neck pain can be because of a poor posture. If you spend a lot of time at a computer desk you may be allowing your head to drop forward and this poor posture puts a lot of strain on your C-spine, perhaps some of the X-rays taken show that you have lost your cervical curve and if so this can be the result of this poor posture over long periods of time. Making sure that your head does not fall forward and in fact pulling your head back may be a good idea for you. Next will be your sleeping position. Women like to sleep on their stomachs, and if this is you then this is a sure way to kill your neck. If you do this you must wean yourself into a different sleeping position, like on your back or side. The use of a good cervical pillow may also be a good idea. Hope this has helped.

Mandy VZ
You should go to a pain management doctor. They will be able to help you by using several different modalities, for example medication (they can and do prescribe much stronger meds than a GP), TENS unit, nerve blocks, trigger point injections, etc. My pain doctor is a diplomate member of the American Academy of Pain Management. This website will help you find a member doc in your area:http://www.aapainmanage.org/search/MemberSearch.php Good luck!

I swear that your story and pain are exactly like mine, it comes about 1or 2 times per week, ive been xrayed tons of times i tuck pillows under my neck along with my regular pillow in order to sleep, and hope that when i wake up i didnt knock them out while i was sleeping because if so ouchhh!!! What my doc told me is that after i workout what happens is that my back muscles takes the curvature out of my spine causing it to go straight and thus causing this intense pain, especially when i turn my head to quickly it sends this burn through my head and down my neck, the only thing that they said will fix this is massaging it out and constant stretching i do feel your pain, i really do its getting old already,

Elna W
Has anyone ever suggested a cervical collar? Massage therapy?

sounds like a pinched nerve. have you talked to a physical therapist? They rehabilitate symptoms such as yours.

Stephanie f

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