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Under my left breast, It just hurt randomly or when i breathe in it hurts too? do anyone know whats wrong?
And when i push it it hurts too

Could be any # of things. You should have regular breast exams anyway. Maybe it is time you do. It proably is something as simple as a pulled muscle or pleuritis. Pleuritis is where the lining of you lungs gets irritiated. However, never hurts to get things checked out. If it is something serious like breast cancer the sooner it's addressed the better your chances of beating it and returning to a normal life.

You may have had some injury to dislocate the cartilage from the rib in that area. It could also be a twisting of the rib at that level and is causing tenderness at the juncture of the bone and cartilage.

Should you have an abrupt cessation of inspiration (breathing in a deep breath) would indicate you are touching the inter-costal nerve also. Should have it checked out to make an actual determination of the problem.

You might have a lung infection
Pleuritis could be produced by a number of lung infections.
Might as well check with your breast just to be safer, it sure wouldnt be a waste of time and effort

Sir Raulo
It is Precordial Catch Syndrome, is a common cause of chest pain complaints in children and adolescents. It also occurs less frequently in adults. PCS manifests itself as a sharp pain typically below the left, but sometimes right, nipple or breast which is worse when taking breaths. This typically lasts 30 seconds to 3 minutes and then is resolved as quickly as it began.

I did have that few months ago and I kept searching the internet what was that. I thought I have heart problems but now I know what it is.

that has happened to me before and the doctor said it was gases...good luck

Lucy, this is the best assortment of answers I ever saw to a question.
Please take every ones advice an see your Dr. or go to E.R.

Jim in N.C.

Did you crack a rib..go to er!

do you use underwire bra? coz i had similar problem and i even went to the doctor, i was freaking out thinking i had cancer, i demanded mammogram but im only in my 20s so they only did breast ultrasound which turn out find.

I would get it checked out. If it hurts breathing in, you could get pneumonia. Your lungs are under your breasts and rib cage, so we don't really know.
Good luck!

If its like this pain that hurts less if you hold your breath it might be acid reflux. It hurts like that because you stomach acid is staying there in the passage way and that's why its called heart burn cause it really hurts but I'm not a Dr. and you should get it looked at.

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