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How about 3? 5? 6? 7?
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When I sit down I get a SHARP ...

 Smoking Marijuana For Pain?
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 Why do I get a really bad head & jaw ache the next day after singing??
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 Will I pass my drugtest with 1 hydrocodone in my system?
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I am taking Vasograin, but there is no relief ...

 I'm really scared that..?
I might have a brain tumor! because i've been having migraine headaches since last saturday and i looked up the question "how do you get brain tumors?" and i saw the symptoms and it ...

Tight feeling in chest...what does it mean??
Basically for a few days now i have been experiencing panic attacks though not today...i just felt completely depressed. I seem to have a weird tight feeling in my chest and i feel quite tired and achey but i forget about it when i try to take my mind off it, but it really worries me when i think about it. went to the doctors and my blood pressure etc is fine and said it must be indigestion...gaviscon doesnt work though. Is it anxiety?? and how do i get rid of it?? how long does it take??

It is anxiety by the sounds of it - especially as when you keep busy it goes away - if it was anything more serious the pain wouldn't go away when you are busy! Try to relax and take some keep breaths to relax your chest. When I am stressed I often get a tight throat - it's just anxiety. The problem is when you are anxious you tend to become very inward thinking and concentrate on every twinge or pain in your body and imagine the worst - this is very common so remember you aren't alone. You have had a blood test which is normal so physically, you are well.

acid reflux and or stress can cause the prob.

I think it means it's time to see a doctor.

I agree about the Xanax, I have similar attacks due to nerve damage, and it is a wonder drug, works right away.

However, you can get addicted to it.

Did they give you a stress test, hook you up to and ekg and have you walk on a treadmill? If not, I would suggest you have one done.

The Outsider
I have the same thing, I'm thinking about going to the doctor and getting some zanex I've taken it before and it is such a wonder drug.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere
It is likely anxiety. Even though you have not had a panic attack the anxiety is still there. I used to have major anxiety, and the only thing that worked for me was cutting out all sugar and caffeine, eating very healthy and exercising every day. Trust me, it really works, I was so anxious I could hardly leave the house and now for about 5 years I have had no anxiety. You could also go to a therapist to talk about your worries, this helps as well. You need to learn to deal with stress in a healthy way, and to not stress the small stuff.
Drugs will only mask the issue and make you feel like a walking zombie. Get the book "From Panic to Power" by Lucinda Bassett.

TMLeaf Fan
Get to a doctor. You never mess around with chest pain/tightness. It may be nothing, but why chance it?

bad bob
very strange you have been to a doctor he has given you the all clear and then you ask a load of tossers like us me included how long must be a woman involved

Rozzi, take it from someone who knows. In July my husband had those same symptoms although he had been taking Xanax for several weeks. One night he had some discomfort and decided to have it checked out. He had a nuclear stress test that showed something abnormal although he had NO pain. During the night that (Thursday) night he had more discomfort and went in early the next morning (Friday) for a cardiac cath, at The Heart Center, to try and determine what the abnormality was. He had been in about 15 minutes when the doctor came running out and said, "________, we can't do the heart cath because your husband is about to go into a massive heart attack. You and I need to pray now! I've called the ambulance to transfer him to the hospital." We prayed while we waited for the ambulance. When we got to the hospital it took them about 3 hours to get enough medication into him and stabilize his condition before they could do surgery. He had 8 hours of open heart surgery during the night. I still get emotional when I think how close I came to losing my precious husband. Now he has almost fully recovered and has returned to work.

Don't listen to those who tell you it's anxiety or panic attacks. Heart problems also carry those same symptoms; my husband had them and that's how he ended up taking Xanax in the first place. It almost cost him his life.

See your doctor and get a referral to a Cardiologist IMMEDIATELY for a good checkup. Make sure you know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, what is wrong with you. It could save your life.

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