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I myself have never had or would ever have an abortion.


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I accidentally a whole coke bottle.
The WHOLE thing.
What should I do?
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No, it was empty. I set it down on the table and then I accidentally the whole thing....

 I get severe migraines. No pills have worked so it's time to try medical pot.?
My own doctor and two pain specialists have said it's time to give this a try. I have no perscription coverage and I'm curious as to how much this costs.
Thanks in advance.

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has anyone ever had this problem and if so, can you tell me what i should do?...

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i hate summer and ...

 Im having my blood drawn...will it hurt?
im kinda scared i've never done it before and it sounds painful.

also i have a sailing regatta in heavy winds later in the day, will the shot make me too sore?...

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 Is it normal to have a surgeon tell you that she does not prescribe any pain medication following her surgery?
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The pain killer methodone, how does it make you feel? Does it really work well for pain?
Does it make you drowsy or tired, or does it kill the pain with some energy or WHAT? I just wanna know because I don't want to take it for my foot during the day if it will make me sleepy. Thanks!
Additional Details
mkay I know what it is, I need to know if it makes you drowsy or not and THAT'S IT...how does it make you feel....THAT'S IT. Thanks.

Miss Park ♥ 13/01/09 ♥
Methodone isn't used for pain relief. It's used for people addicted to heroin, to ween them of it but can also become very addictive itself. I would just use a normal pain reliver like paracetomol or co-codomal.

john m
methodone is effectively a medical version of heroin, it has exactly the same effects as taking heroin and I think it is relatively addictive

Methadone (Dolophine, Amidone, Methadose, Physeptone, Heptadon and many others) is a synthetic opioid, used medically as an analgesic, Antitussive and a maintenance anti-addictive for use in patients on opioids. Although chemically unlike Morphine or heroin, Methadone also acts on the opioid receptors and thus produces many of the same effects. IT has all Adverse effects which u can enlist from drowsiness to Insomnia , diarrheas to constipation
ADVICE NOT TO TAKE AND PLEASE DON:'t PUT QUESTION LIKE THIS< MAY BE BAD FOR SOMEONE . This is abstract question u can easily see it if u wish on sites.

meghan m
Ummmm Methadone is used for ppl recovering from a narcotics addiction, they sometimes also use it for ppl suffering from chronic pain (i.e. ppl with fibromyalga)
NOT someone who has pain in their foot.

methadone is a strong narcotic that will make you very drowsy. please do not drive and take it only when absolutely

Hebrews 11
I don't know, I don't think I ever took it.

Kim k
Methadone was the first med my doctor tried me on because it's the least expensive. I hated it, I was sleepy all the time, I sweat like a stuck pig, had hot flashes and just felt out of it in general. I stayed on it for two weeks to see if the side effects would decrease but they never did. but the thing is, it affects us differently, any med does. That's why I had to try so many before finding something that made the pain tolerable without extreme side effects. I'd rather be in pain than be in a drug fog all the time. It might not affect you the same though.
I'm sure you know this but yes, it is very addicting.

Opiates effect everyone completely different. To say Methadone is a medical equivalent of Heroin is absolutely ridiculous. Fentanyl is more like Heroin just 30 times or more stronger. Methadone is extremely long lasting Heroin is extremely fast acting. These methods of action Places both of these opiates on the complete opposite end of each other on a Spectrum. Like comparing a glass of wine to moon shine.

No comparison. Methadone at first might make you tired because it fills all receptors but in time this might subside.

Methadone will give a person energy and it will take away pain. But, if you are not use to it and get tired by the time you consume this amount to get this desired (energy) effect it is already at this point a potentially lethal dose and can kill you. Methadone is nothing at all to play with and you cannot equate it to conventional opiates under any margin of characteristics. 5 to 10Mg's should be enough, if it is not doing what you expect it to do, discontinue use immediately, this is not the type of drug you take, wait four hours and take more and than more, it will kill you! Half the dose you consumed today will be in you exactly 24 hours or longer, hence a lethal amount is building in you secretly . 40 mg will put you down for four days, perhaps puking and 60 or more will put you six feet in the hole.Sorry, but that is the way it is. A person that never took Methadone in their life's. It is not uncommon at all for a person to not even feel it's effects. Up to 20mg's a Percocet peaks considerably higher Miligram per milligram.

And by the way. Since people love to check grammar and love to compete, I might add Methadone is the most similiar opiate on the planet next to Morphine.In it's effects and low peaking.

I was on Methadone for chronic pain and it did make me drowsy and lethargic for the first 3-5 days until my body adjusted. I don't know of any narcotic pain relievers that kill pain without drowsiness as a side effect until one adjusts to it.

I was on it for 4 months and for me it was a life saver because I was in such pain all the time. I may have to go on it again as I have had 3 surgeries in 7 months and my chronic pain is out of control again.

I hope this helps!


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