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 Bad back pain. 13 years old. ?
I'm 13 years old. I've had lower back pain for about 4 month, maybe more. It's been constant, non stop. It hurts the most when i have to stand for over 20 minutes. It hurts a lot when ...

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 I got a sharp pain in my right when i was sitting last night what does this mean?

Additional Details
The pain under my rib cage and the pain took my breathe. I don't know what this mean, PLEASE HLEP ME....

 Best headache remedy?
Sinusy, tensiony, probably not true migraine, though some of these have actually led to a true migraine....(for that I've got something greata) but until then......

 Pain in my chest?
It's on the left side close to my heart if not on it. It only lasts a second or so but I have had it happen 3-4 times in the last month with no correlation to my actions from what I remember. It ...

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 My right leg fills heavier then my left,i have a weird feeling in it?
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 I have shoulder pain, numbness in my hand, tingling sensation from my wrist to my elbow, and neck pain?
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and why do i love my special "k" so much
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yr right rahjay, i`m ...

 Why does my spine hurt when I inhale?
This doesn't occur often but, every month or two it'll randomly happen. I breath in and a sharp pain shoots through my spine. This could last for a mere few breaths to 3-5 minutes worth. A...

 I want to know how bad it hurts when gettin your tongue pierced?

 My Doctor prescribed me Ultram for pain today and I take Prozac is this not good?
After reading the insert the pharmacy gave me it says specifically NOT to mix the 2. I called the Pharmacy - who did not know I was taking Prozac because I get that at my Psychiatrist office and ...

The best pain killer for knee pain?
I'm in some serious knee pain. I have a torn ACL, but am unable to have surgery at the moment. What can i do to prevent or lesson my pain? What is the best pain killer?

Lisa S

go see a chiropractor.
i had knee pain. the orthopedic surgeon said i absolutely need surgery and i would be in a cast for 10 weeks. but first take these pain killers.

then a friend said go see a chiropractor first to get a second opinion. so i went the chiropractor. She massaged my spine and gave me ultra sound on my knee. I went for a few days
and the pain in my knee went away completely.
the orthopedic just wanted to make money.

J's stuffed animals
either talk to your doctor or ask advice at a pharmacy.everybody can not take all medicines.

aleve for sure. i had really bad back problems and my doctor told me Aleve is a good way to relieve pain in joints and muscles.

Jason A
If your having surgery soon, then stay away from blood thinners like Motrin, alleve, (all nsaids)

If not, then Motrin should help. I doubt if Tylenol would work, but you could try it.

Of course the best medicine is the narcotic, prescribed by your doctor.

sexy mama
aleve 4 sure

for a torn acl, you'll need to talk to your dr or pharmacist, at the least. i have (on multiple occasions) sprained various joints in my knee and find Aleve (Naproxen) works the best for over the counter stuff

OTC Aleeve

There is no BEST pain relief medication. Each patient has a need for the medication which best meets the needs of their condition, level of pain, and other related medical conditions. For many with an ACL injury, management with a Non-steriodal anti-inflammatory agent such as Ibuprofen (Motrin) Naproxen (Aleve) or a COX-2 such as Celecoxib (Celebrex) control the discomfort and increases function. For others, their condition or pain tolerance requires a stronger medication such as Tramadol or even hydrocodone. These last 2, however are both opioid medications and may be habit forming, therefore, they are usually preferred for use in patients in the immediate pre and postoperative periods.

If surgery has been recommended, the physician should recommend appropriate medication, if it does not control the pain, contact your physician and ask for something stronger.

I will tell you that when people approach a physician with a particular medication in mind, they are often thought of as "drug seeking", even when they are earnestly trying to manage their pain. Discuss the pain with your physician and let them prescribe an appropriate medication.

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