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Should a person combine ibuprofen 800 mg tablet with oxycodone 5mg tab?

Negrea G
if you have oxycodone then whats the point of taking Ibuprofen???
might not do anything severe, but it's not too good of an idea.

If the medications in question were prescribed by a board certified physician, and ordered to be taken at the same time, then yes.
If the drugs were not prescribed for this person, then NO.

http://www.webmd.com/ - you might check here for all future medical related questions on the web.

if you're not allergic it won't hurt you

they can be taken together.
be sure to take with food so as not to upset your stomach.

Justin S
These medications are prescribed together quite frequently.
In fact the medication known as Combunox is Oxycodone and Ibuprofen combined. The downside to this medication is that it's available in brand name only and it can be quite expensive and because it is still new to the market most insurance providers are not covering it.

As for side effects there are numerous issues that can and could occur but most people tolerate these medicines with minimal discomfort. However everyone is different and your mileage may vary.

As stated in an earlier post please discuss this issue with your Physician in order to determine if these medicines would be an appropriate choice for you.

Good luck

Wise Guy
Since I am not a doctor and cannot tell you legally wether this is safe or not (and I don't recommend you get advice online for medical purposes when it comes to drug and drug interatcions) I would recommend you call a Walgreens or CVS store that has a board certified Pharmacist on staff that can answer your question. When in doubt alway consult your doctor.

I have had to take that before after surgery. But if the doc did not okay it - I would not do it. If you are not used to those types of medications - it could send your body into shock.

no one on this website is a doctor and you are the only one who knows what your body can handle...oxycodone 5mg is normally used for break through pain and it probably has some Tylenol in it. This medicine should work for your pain but if it doesn't I would say yeah it's OK to take the 800mg of Ibuprofen simply because Ibuprofen acts as an anti-inflammatory which takes swelling down...oxycodone doesn't...i have been taking pain medication for almost 3 years now...i know that my body doesn't like anti-informatorys so i don't take Ibuprofen and Advil cause i get an upset stomach..but only you know that....i would probably let your doctor know the next time you see him that you are having a problem keeping your pain under control and they should help you get better and get it back under control perhaps by prescribing you something like ms Contin which is what i take for long term pain medication and then Percocet for break through pain but if your are trying to get high off the Ibuprofen then that doesn't work as well as the Percocet...GOOD LUCK...I wish you all the luck in the world and that this answered your question to the best of my ability, and i hope you pain gets better..

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