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Should I go to the hospital?
I feel like my eardrums are about to explode. I have been prone to ear infections over the last few years, but I have never had anything this painful or intense. I can barely hear anything, it's so muted - and these shots of pain seem to come from my eardrum and go up into my skull.

I recently had a cold, but it was pretty minor - should I go to the hospital because of the amount of pain or should I just wait it out and go to the doctor tomorrow?
Additional Details
Thank you all for your advice, I tried to look online for some sort of help line but found none that would help me.

I tried to convince my parents to take me the hospital but they said that it could wait until morning, so hopefully I'll still be alright until then.

Again, thank you.

duh my man you should if there was a case back in the day

James N
Wait it out

My Answer is dont go to hospital nore doctor my bro hit me on my left ear and bleed but i didn't do anything CUZ TODAY THE WORLD IS chips and tatanium GOod luck chose wisely!!!

No; play loud music!

yes go to the doctor

Hospital now hun.

hospital now! is sitting around waiting worth losing your hearing in that ear for life?

Go to the hospital. Let em give ya some good medicine. No sense in being in pain all night.

It could be that your ear drum is going to burst due to infection this happened to my son when he hadnt even mentioned earache. go to the docs you shouldnt continue to be in so much pain.

just wait unless its to intense to take but if u can take it then go to bed and if u feel betta in the mornin dont go but if its still bad go to the docter


I would go asap!

Shown S
of cource you should go see the doc,coz it seems you have not done mach on the previous years with the diease.go and see the doc.hope you get well soon,God blees you

Sounds like you have middle ear infection. Go to the doctors and he will most like put a syringe of warm liquid in your ear and flush it!.Its not pleasant..but what a relief when it is done..also dont swim until you know for sure...Dont wait...could do damage to inner ear if you wait.

Go to the hospital immediately, it may be harmful to you and your body if you don't go get ti checked-up like NOW!!!.

S Mo
I think you should go to either your doctor or the Hospital.
But call the Hospital and briefly describe your symptoms. They will tell you what is the best thing to do.
Hope you will fell better soon.

Take some Tylenol, call the doctor as soon as he opens, what you have is a very inflamed eardrum, inner ear infection. Do you have a heating pad? after taking Tylenol, even Tylenol PM so you can get some sleep, lay on the heating pad on low.
Oh yeah, they now make a temp. pain Reliever for the ear that may tie you over till the morn. I used it and it did help till the antibiotics kicked in.

i think you should go to doctors today on an emergency appointment or to like a nhs walk in centre. dont leave it until tomorrow, even try ringing nhs direct. i dont know the number but you can gind it on google or somthing.

Brendan G
YES, yes you should!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hun r u serious? u should get to the urgent care unit a.s.a.p. do u have a (deaf) wish or what. the ear is a very delicate thing don't fool around with that. especially after a cold and being prone to infection. if that drum gets too infected there wont be anything they can do. please if you get this go right now OK. that's scary.

go to the doctor and see what they say they might send u for an x-ray

Daddy's girl
sure if it's hurting that bad go! if they're already giving you pain shots, it must be infection,middle ear. try some heat on it too...

first off er dr or nurses are not legally allowed to discuss a medical problem over the phone or even say come in and if caught will be charged with malpractice so dont bother wasteing time calling just go. if you have to ask if you should go to a dr that always means you do if its bad enough to bring up the question it should not be waited out and for the people that said to wait it out there are laws to prosecute you for mis information the dude could die from whatever is wrong and your gonna help him to.if it was a car we were talking about thats one thing but were not.if a you sayhey jumping infront of that car wont hurt you and someone does it and dies your charged with murder your doing the same and i hope you listen to a moron like yourself and die thats what you deserve

Yes you should go. You cant be too safe.

Good luck to you!! I hope you feel better.

well if its something you cant handle than go to the e.r but if not u have an appt. tomorrow... but u should have it checked like asap...

go to the doctor cuz you'll be at the hospital for 5 hours sitting in the waiting room

Grumpy Old Man
Yes most certainly. I'm no Dr but sounds like a inner ear infection. Is you balance off as well?

go to a 24 hour drugstore and buy an earwax remover like Deborax (i think thats spelled right) and see if that helps a little, take some pain pills and wait for the doctor, it shouldnt be that serious. but if it hurts that bad and your really concerned you shoudnt hesitate to go to the hospital.

why don't you call your emergency room and talk to someone first. they can tell you for sure if its an emergency or if you can wait till tomorrow.

I would recommend getting in to see your doctor in the a.m. to have them evaluate the situation further to see what they think could be going on.

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