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 How do I get rid of cold sores..ouch...?
I always have cold sore at least once a month..and it hurts bad..I could not eat or drink..I tried some of the over the counter medicines but did not help must..anybody knows any kind of good ...

 Is it okay to take 200 mg of ibuprofen twice a day?
i only do this twice a month for the first two days of my period, because i get horrible cramps and tylenol doesn't work good. i'm 16 yrs old. is this okay to do? i have to sneak the ...

 Painful earlobe?
i don't know whats wrong with me, but for the past few weeks i get this pressure in my earlobes (not in my ear), where the cartilege ends... it hurts, but goes away after a few seconds. it'...

 My head really hurts any cures?
I was dancing and did a backflip and hit my head right in the centre on a wooden floor. It really hurts and always hurts externally. Any cures?...

 What are these chest pains?
I keep getting a pain in between my breats and its really bad. It's not like heartburn or indigestion, its like a crushing, tight pain that can last upto an hour or so. Im getting it at least ...

 Why does my jaw hurt alot at night?

 I've had a sore throat for over 3 weeks now, what am I to do?
For the past three weeks---I've had a sore throat that will not go away. I've been to the doctor twice and the first time the sore throat turned into a severe ear infection, I went on ...

 Back injection....?
I have severe back pain, and my doctor suggested a cortizine injection. What side effects do they have. I heard it can make you gain weight, is this true? I might not do it if it does, but i really ...

 Am i okay? or am i gonna die?
i feel like there are heart beats all over my body,
like out of nowhere i will feel them in my legs, arm, neck, foot,,
is that normal?...

 Does getting your tounge peaicered hurt real bad.?
Hello i am considering getting my tounge peairced and was just wondering if some one with there tounge done could tell me if it realy hurts.? all my friends say it will but none of them has got it ...

 What causes leg cramps?
Lately I have been suffering from leg cramps in the early hours of the morning, keeping me awake. What causes this and is there anything I can do to prevent it?...

 I have got a small painful swelling inside the nose. Any home treatment?

 What causes my legs to go numb in the morning???

Additional Details
i think it could be a hip problem.....

 How can i fix my crooked body?
My body is somewhat crooked. Its not extremely crooked like scoliosis, its just a little off. It probaly has something to do with carrying all my books in my back pack freshmen year since i didnt ...

 Does Anybody get instant headaches when they run, please I need and answer!!!!!?
Does anybody get instant headaches when they run?I do every single time I run.Yes, I am overweight...but I don't think that has to do with the problem.I mostly get headaches when I run when its ...

 Pains in my head?
I get pressure like pains in the back lower left part of my head most of the time. I also get sharp pains that last a few seconds, also on the left side of the head. I also seem to get alot of sores ...

 I broke a prescription bottle and replaced the pills in another bottle. Can someone tell me what they are?
A small white pill about 1/8th of an inch circumference with a "R" symble and the number 59 below it. The "R" symble starts before the first verticle downward line, so it's ...

 I just......?
i just got over a cold and i woke up and my ear hert am i starting to get an ear ache? i took some ear drops and it kind of relieved the pain but every time i blow my nose my ear will pop a little ...

 I have really bad headaches?
hi ive been getting really bad headaches. ive even went to to get an eye examination but they said my eye sight is fine. when i wake up its ok but in the middle of the day i just get it really bad ...

 When i lie on my back and rotate my leg/hip, my hip pops. this happens everytime...read on theres more...?
ok. well, ths happens to me everytime. the first pop would be kind of loud and it hurts. but as i continue to rotate my leg (like during exercise), it still makes a pop sound. is this normal? both ...

Does Percocet make you really tired?
I've just been given it because of a really debilitating migraine, and I'm just curious as to how out of it I'll be once I take it.

you asked , i answered...
percocet is a drug that knocks u out!!!!!!. It knocks u out in a really weird way...why didn't tehy prescribe u imatrex which is a migraine medicine?? Becareful with those pills and hide tehm from everyone especially teens and children or ppl who abuse drugs and can't be trusted etc.

Everyone responds differently to it. It makes alot of people tired and sleepy and I know a couple people who got antsy when they took it. Don't drive after you take it.

It effects everyone differently. It makes me tired and gives me weird dreams. It can make you constipated too.


SusanS, Incognito
Tiredness is a side-effect, yes.

perocet is a narcotic that can make you sleepy it depends on your body it never helpped my migrains i use Imitrex works great what Percocet does for me is make me sleepy but I'm aware of thing around me. it all depends on your body how it acts taking med some meds make people jittery, high, sleepy, knockout. You just can't drink or drive with this medicine


Percocet knocked me out within 3 minutes the last time I took one for my eye surgery.

Melanie D
yes...it will make you feel high if youve never taken one before

so dont drive

sweetness #1
Percocet is a very strong pain killer........it might make you very drowsy......so don't take it then drive somewhere...make sure that you are at home to see how it affects you...before trying to drive somewhere.....This is a very constipating medication...you might want to take a stool Softener while on the Percocet........sometimes people have an allergic reaction to this medicine, so if you experience alot of itching, swelling of the tongue, or itchiness of the eyes call your doctor or pharmacist right away!! Remember, everyone is different, so what affects 1 person may not affect the other.
Good Luck and God Bless

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