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 Bad cramps...?
ok... i know this sounds odd to ask, but my periods are really bad. i get really bad cramps and i am sad or crying most all the time. i dont think its typical pms... any suggestions?...

 My wife a doctor, has slip disc of neck & back with pain & poor quality of life.she is depressed. what to do?
surgery is presently not recommended by the neurosurgoen.HEr profession as a dentist is out of question . remains depressed. children also get scolded by her at times unnecessarily. I am myself a ...

 House bound please help?
i have got a desease its called distonia its causes my head an neck to lean to one side,i find it really difficult to even go to the shop some of the kids where i live they hang around the shop and ...

 My son (16) having pain & weakness in both legs below knee?
On last tuesday my son play for one hour continuously & on wednesday morning he suddenly having accute pain & weakness in both the legs below knee. I consulted two doctors , one was saying he ...

 Bone pain in the legs..any solutions????
Hello all BONES specialists,
For some time from now..i am noticing that when i am walking for some time (like 15-20 mins) i am feeling tired and get lot of pain from toe to thighs..including ...

 How long is HEARTBURN is supposed to last?

 What happens if I take 4 tylenol?
How about 3? 5? 6? 7?
Additional Details
I'm not suicidal, and i'm not a piece of emo trash. My mouth hurts because of my braces, and my friend and I were just wondering what ...

 I have a throbbing pain that comes and goes.?
The pain is near the tip of my left index finger. Anyone have any ideas why? I havnt hurt it in anyway....

 My lower back hurts so bad!!!!!?
My lower back hurts to do anything. The pain is right above my butt crack. I cant hardly move it hurts so bad. What is wrong with me?
Additional Details
When I sit down I get a SHARP ...

 Smoking Marijuana For Pain?
I underwent sugery in 2004 to repair 2 ruptured discs and due to this i lost movement & feeling in my feet. I also have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and also sufer from really ...

 Why do I get a really bad head & jaw ache the next day after singing??
I've been singing for quite some time, and for the last year I get really bad headaches and jaw aches the next day after doing alot of singing. Was wondering if it can be my TMJ?? These arent ...

 Will I pass my drugtest with 1 hydrocodone in my system?
i broke my wrist last week at college, and didnt go to the hospital until the next morning. To fall asleep that night i took one of my leftover hydrocodones from getting a wisdom tooth extracted. I ...

I am taking Vasograin, but there is no relief ...

 I'm really scared that..?
I might have a brain tumor! because i've been having migraine headaches since last saturday and i looked up the question "how do you get brain tumors?" and i saw the symptoms and it ...

 Am I having a stroke???
I have had tingling in my chin for about a day now, happens about once every couple of hours, headache that doesn't hurt that bad, and sore eyes, able to play video games, walk, read , and watch ...

 Im only 21 and I should be in good health but my bones hurt all the time is there something wrong w? me?
bones suchas neck back spine ...

 How hard is it to explain how painful kidney stones are?
I was discussing with some friends the other day about worse pains etc and could not express the enormity of the pain and I have given birth before anyone asks
Additional Details
Thanks D...

 How can I get rid of chronic backpain and leg pain? I'm taking meds for it but what else would help?
Physio makes it worse and the pain is really bad....

 Please tell me why my side is hurting?
my right (kinda between my hip and rib are,) side hurts, not so bad that where i'm ready to cry or can't sleep. Its constant, but it doesnt really hurt unless i take a deep breath. i think ...

 Face pain below eye, ear pain and jaw pain, worse when sun goes down.?
For about a month now I have been having severe pain. My cheek below the eye feels a little tingly, then my ear will hurt and my jaw is hurting. I have put numbing stuff on my teeth and it doesn'...

My neck is really really hurting i have no clue why whenever i move it side to side it hurts a sharp pain!?
anyone have any solutions i tried painkillers they didnt do a thing ?? please help it hurts liek crazy!
Additional Details
without having to go to a doctor.

It could be meningitis. You should call a nurse line and describe your symptoms to them so they can properly diagnose. Otherwise go to an urgent clinic.

george x/_\x
its cause u probaly slept with ur head wrong it happens 2 me 2...my mom tells me best thing 2 do is move ur head where it hurts and it will hurt less when u move ur head side 2 side again

♥ Bethany ♥
uhm.. go to a doctor.

kelly j
it could be because of how you sleep at night. you neck could go in a strange way. but if it hurts really bad then you should see a doctor about it because you neck shouldnt be hurting like that. take Advil and stretch your neck or get a massage until lthe doctors appiontment. my neck hurt really bad when i woke up one day and i got my mom to give it a massage it(she is a physical therapist) and it felt so much better so you can also try a massage besides the other ideas i told you.

Look on the net for relaxing muscle exercises

I would strongly suggest seeing a doctor if the pain continues more than a few days, but beyond that, there are several things that can cause pain (all of which a doctor should be able to outline for you) that can be easily solved by changes in your normal routine.

Sitting at a desk or computer, or doing any task that is repetitive can cause pain in your neck -- and other places, for that matter.. If you sit at a desk all day, try to get up and give yourself a good stretch every hour or so, it should help it relieve some of the tension caused by having your hands in front of you (in an unnatural position.)

You might also check out your bed pillow. Although feather pillows can be very comfortable, they offer little head and neck support, and this can cause on going pain.

One other cause might be stress. If you're having an usual amount of stress, you might be tense in muscles that you aren't even aware of. Try to be mindful to make sure you aren't clenching your teeth, and take a few deep breaths any time you start to feel stress.

Again, my best recommendation would be to see a doctor. Hope this helps!

Go change the pillow that you are using, it might help not to worsen the pain. And put some pain killers that are for external use only. Then try to move it SLOWLY side by side, it will help the muscles to relax. And if still persist, go consult a doctor right away.

kirby W
You've got a stiff neck. It's ok after a couple of days. Change your pillows if you can. Soak a towel with hot water and leave it there for a couple of minutes before you sleep, this will help the circulation and loosening of your neck muscles. If this persist for the next few days, check with a Chiropractic specialist, they may be able to help you.

Hope you have a speedy recovery.

Most likely it's just a neck cramp, which can hurt for a few days. My suggestion would be a lot of back and forth with ice and heat and if it doesn't resolve itself within a few days, call your doctor and make an appointment.

I've pulled muscles in my neck before and had similar pain. Try not moving it, and putting on ice it. If pain persists go to the emergency room please.

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