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A.J. $
My muscles in upper arm hurt from baseball...?
well...one day I started warming up before a game when I got this blast of pain in my upper arm. It doesnt hurt at all unless I do the motion of throwing something. Everytime I do that it hurts in my upper arm. Plz help. Game tomorrow morning....

jim w
ice it down just like the pros do. also use some IcyHot cream that works great. you useing bad form throwing thats why it hurts. stop snaping the ball when you throw keep a tight grip let it roll out of youre hands it takes practice.

Probably the tendon or you pulled a muscle. Try something like IcyHot and a Pain Relieving medication. Got ot bed early and RELAX! Good luck tomorrow and feel better!

Vince VG
you might have pulled a muscle it is very painful and will take along time to heal, the best thing you can do is rest it.

Manny Being Manny
Ice it

that happens to alot of pitchers u could be damaging ur rotary cuff from throwing all the time i would go c a doctor bc if u tare it u will have 2 get surgery and it will never be the same.

fight the power
you pulled a muscle =o no game tomorrrow

Josuar C
You pulled a muscle just don't strain it.

Is the pain more in your shoulder, cause it might not be the muscle. It might be the joint in your shoulder.

I used to get shooting pain like that from not throwing the ball properly. The pain is almost like dislocating your shoulder. It shoots out and I feel it go down mid way. If it continues maybe you should try throwing in ways that it wont hurt so much.

And make sure you stretch too.

Chalk* Alba-Union.Tk Free Movies
You pulled your muscle.. ask ur coatch and he can fix it. but it will hurt for the first 5 minutes

cedric l
maybe you pulled a muscle that's not bad aight

you might have hurt your roator cuff, try stretching your shoulder by pulling your elbow across your body in front of you using your other arm. Also you can stand in a door way and use it to help stretch the other way place your arm on the side of the door way and push thru til you feel a stetch in your arm. Unfortuantely if it is hurt bad it'll take a week or more to heal.

Sorry to say but it depends on what part of the arm is affected. Normal pains that go along with baseball are with the elbow and rotator cuff. If the pain comes when you raise your arm back to throw, around the shoulder area, then you may have some issues with what is better known as the rotator cuff or the tendons/ligaments in that area. If the pain is in your lower forearm area, chances are the pain is elbow related. I have never heard someone tearing a tricep or bicep muscle throwing a baseball, though I guess anything is possible.

Anytime you have pain in an area of your body, I dont care where, and it prohibits you from acting normally, you should seek professional care from a doctor.

If you have a game tomorrow, I would suggest skipping it and going to the doctor or emergency room now. You will have to have X-rays anyway. Call you primary doctor first and you may need a refferal to an Ortho doc.

Trust me, missing one or two games is not worth missing an entire career.

DO NOT, I repeat do not listen to all these experts that say you pulled a muscle, ice it, etc. Ice retracts and can cause more damage. Sometime heat is neccessary. You should never treat an injury yourself without knowing what is wrong. Ice it only if there is visible swelling. The ice will control the swelling.

Good luck, I hope ya feel better.

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