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ive given up on pills....

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 I am 13 years old and have lower back pain???=(?
here is what might cause it
- i have been playing tennis since age 6 and am doing topspin serves where u have to arch your back
- i sleep on my stomach
- i occasionaly ...

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 What do you do when your in pain?
if your sister or brother does anything bad to you......................

 And does anyone know?
how to decrese tense muscle or muscle knots in the back? because i dont, and i need to know cuz my back is killing me....

 Help! help! help! something in my throat!?
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my sweetheart was rushed into hospital last night
she is having a lumber puncture
can you tell me what this and is it ...

 I've got heartburn could it be indigestion and shall i drink some water?
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My lower back is really sore!!! Could you know why?
I was at a party on saturday and I stood up mostly the entire time. My lower back was really sore. Since then it has been sore wen i stand up for a while. why????

P.S. plz don't sayyy stupid stuffs like "next time sitt down."

aaron m
How old are your shoes?
I have to get new sneakers every 2-3 weeks, because I wear my sneakers/shoes out more on my left than my right and it actually throws my back off. i work on my feet in a kitchen for many hours and I know the pain. Try new sneakers or shoes walk in them for a day or so to give your back enough time to adjust. It is alot easier and economical buying new shoes before going to the doctor. good luck

you put lots of pressure on your back muscles, you probably just need to do some good stretching for a good 20 or 30 minuets.

Martha Evans
There needs to be more info first. Did the pain come on suddenly. Had you been lifting or bending or shifting things around the house, yard, work, car, etc. Did you fall recently? Any pain or numbness in any of your legs? Any leg weakness? Any problems going to pee or poop? Any dribbling with pee? Any burning when you urinate or cloudy or bloody urine? Does it hurt when you touch anywhere on your back? If you cough or sneeze does it make your back pain worse? What seems to make the pain better? What kind of pain is it and where? Is it one central spot or both sides of your back? Any kidney problems? Any skin problems such as psoriasis or unusual rashes/ spots?

It would be best to have more details to get a clearer picture of this problem. Back pain can come from a number of different causes such as pulled muscle, infection in your bone, infection of the prostate gland or bladder or kidneys, herniated disc in your spine, tumor of the spine, arthritic conditions (you don't have to be old to have arthritis--some teens get arthritis due to autoimmune disorders), etc..

You should see a doctor. He can examine you and check your urine for infection and get a better idea of what is causing this pain. If you gave more details, I could maybe help you know a little better what could possibly be the cause.

If I said Prostate, and you area girl instead of a guy, I appologize. I was looking at the shadow picture of you and thought you are a guy.

Sounds like a muscle strain. Take some Ibuprofen or Aspirin and put a hot pack on the sore spot. Stretching exercises or gently walking will help too. It should be better in a few days.

Mrs. Sophisticated
being overweight and standing can cause this and you can use icy hot to relieve the pain or heat packs

I wonder if you have scoliosis...
I personally have this, where pain starts to flare up when standing from long periods of time.
I sometimes wake up with this pain, and it normally doesn't go away till the next day.

If it keeps hurting its really important that you go see a doctor. I ruptured a disk in my lower back just bending over and picking something up and happend to twist a little when I did it. Its crazy how easy it is to actually injure your lower back.

Good luck feel better =)

Take a hot shower, some Aspirin, and rest...It should be a lot better in about 3 days( do this each day ), do not take Aspirin if you have ever had ulcers,or a bleeding problem.......If you have Ibuprofen that is great also but don't take both, take one or the other. If not a lot better in 3 more days Please go to your doc.

Just so you know, nearly 80% of all people will experience low back pain at one, or more, points in their life. Over 90% of those who experience low back pain feel better within 6 weeks.

The most common cause of sudden low back pain is wear and tear on a part of the spine over many years. Also, aging can accelerate the onset of symptoms (lucky us). Most of us have degeneration in our spine at different degrees. If you, for instance, are standing for a long period of time, it will aggravate these areas that have all ready begun to breakdown over time. This doesn't mean you're doomed to suffer from back pain forever; it merely means you can expect to have another bout of pain again in the future.

If you are experiencing a change in bowel movements, have pain, numbness or tingling in your lower extremities, or lose control of your bladder, see a physician immediately. This could be a sign of herniation to one or more areas of the spine.

If the pain is localized to just the lumbar region of your back (lower back), elevate your feet, try using a heating pad on the area and take anti-inflammatories. If the pain doesn't subside after a few weeks, make an appointment. I hope you feel better. :)

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