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i'm thirteen and healthly, never had any problems. i haven't done anythin gout of the ordinary the past few weeks, so i kno i most likely didn't pull a muscle. it started hurting ...

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* how badly does it hurt?
*will it hurt more/...

 Powerful painkillers?
what is the most powerful painkiller that can be used, is it morphine, or are more powerful ones than morphine,

i heard that maybe heroin is more powerful, i don't know if this true ...

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but lately in the past year before i get them , my left or right eye will get a light ( like the one , after you stare at a ...

Ouch! My Ear
My lower back hurts alot after i take showers. Why? How do i stop it?
Every now and then after i take showers (i always take pretty hot showers) my lower back starts to really hurt. Im 17 and this has been going on for a long time. The pain doesnt last more than 15 minutes but its a really sharp pain that during those 15 minutes there are different levels of pain. This mostly happens after i take showers but has a few times happened otherwise. Im around 5'3" and weigh about 140. With regards to athletic ability, i consider myself normal and am capable of doing all that stuff. But i thought maybe i have a weak core or something. Oh and im a guy.
Additional Details
Im not sure why it hurts more often after i take a shower but its not because im moving around differently. i thought maybe because of the heat.
i do have bad posture though.

stop taking showers

god knows and sees else Yahoo
whats the diffrence between the shower and everyday moving around?
are you twisiting around trying to scrub your feet, back, ankles
Is it the temperature of the water?
What happens with a bath with the same temperature water?

Maybe you are leaning back too far when you rinse out your hair. Try to make an effort to see what posture you have when your in the shower.

maybe your dehydrated?

ask your doctor,
only thing i can say is strech out your back and take pain realever

wow you are 2 inches taller than me and weigh 50 pounds more, but im in 6th grade

I advise you to get plenty of exercise.

I have the same thing. It is the temperature difference from getting out of a hot shower into a cold room. Ynow how old people complain about the weather? It's kind of like that. Humidity has a huge role in it. Believe it or not this is true. What I recommend is after your shower before you get dressed, just sit down on your bed for about 2 minutes. No longer, no shorter. Then get dressed and go.

I'm sorry that you're having back pain at such a young age.

I have the same problem when I shower sometime. It's from stretching out my arms while putting soap on. And sometimes from bending down to soap my lower legs.

Be careful about bending to dry off. Other wise I don't hve any trouble with my back wile showering. Beyond this, i can't see what is happening to you.

You could have MS or Fibormyalgia which heat induces pain. Check out the symptoms of both and see if your expereincing other symptoms of the above metioned diseases. Oh and take a bath...does it still hurt?

U should go see a doc and get an X-ray. You may have a slip-disk, or a pinch nerve. It may be something genetic like scoleoses. Go see a doc, trust me.

stop taking showers

this is what i do when my back hurts i take a tennis ball and message where it hurts at and oh my god does it work try that. you may have a muscle that is pulled or something bc when i bend down or go to pick up my kids my back goes out but its only once in awile and it has known to happen while i am in the shower and doing nothing stressfull. so i would try the tennis ball trick. if you cant get anyone to do it. Put your back on the wall and put the tennis ball on the spot where it hurts and move the ball with your back.

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