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My hips, knees and ankles always hurt. what do you recommend i use to help relieve the pain?
i have bad knees to begin with. but, my hips and ankles have always been fine. until recently. when i wake up, i can barely walk.
Additional Details
i do work in a warehouse, so i'm on either wooden floors or concrete floors all day. i love my job, and don't wanna quit, but i hurt. and i don't know if its from my job, or because i'm getting older, or because something is wrong. grrrrrr. funny thing tho, i don't hurt while i'm working...only when i wake up in the morning, and when i get off work. hmmmmmm.

you should definetly see a doctor...

Susan S
Check out this site. It should help you a lot-

Chondroiten, Glucosamine, Vitamin C and b-Complex, Garlic.

alieve! best pain/headache/stomachache/whatever over the counter medicine i have ever taken! works liek a miracle!

If it's that painful, go see your doc. pronto! Otherwise, try not to walk long distances; when you have to, wear braces (can get from doc., Walgreens, mostly any drugstore) and/or an ACE bandage, and supportive shoes. Don't do a lot of athletic activity that's hard on the joints (e.g. running of any sort). After you do some kind of unavoidable physical activity (which there is really no excuse for) ice your hips, ankles, and knees. Just go easy for awhile and it should help. If it doesn't go to your doctor.

John S
I'd try is this order...

Check with your primary care doctor...if he or she thinks it's not normal, they may refer you to an Immuniologist - Immuniologists are doctors that deal with arthritist (among other immune diseases) -- you don't have to be old to get it.

2nd, if your doc doesn't help or immuniologist says it's not arthritist, THEN, Try Massage -- a good licensed massage therapist can also pin point issues with your posture which could be causing your pain. Bad posture causes lots of issues with muscles, ligaments, and other connective tissue.

3rd try a T.E.N.S. Unit - Transcutaneous Electro-Nerve Stimulator - basically a little battery powered device that sends electrical pulses to your nerves. They cost about $120.00 US but sometimes they are picked up by your insurance company (of course your Doctor will probably have to help you justify it with your insurance)

My Last suggestion is Chiropractor - I don't know many people who have been helped by them. Everyone I know, once you go to them..you end up going again and again, and again, weekly or monthly. -- That to me is not a cure, it's a short term work around 'til you find the real source.

you need to see your doctor, especially about your knees. They could be aggravating your hips and ankles into working harder than they can. I use to work on concrete floors, and I can sympathize with you. Ask your doc. good luck!

Glucosamine chondroitin

My knees used to hurt for no good reason at work. I took Glucosamine condroiten for a month and theyre better.

you may have arthritis.

Diana H
Standing on a concrete or even a hardwood floor for long periods of time can cause a lot of problems with the lower back hips knees and feet. I worked in retail for 13+ years and there were times when I would sit down for a break and get up and the pain in my back and feet was so bad I could barely walk. I would go see your doctor to rule out any serious injuries and ask about yoga. this site has some great information on pose sequences for just about anything that ails you. I do some of them myself and feel great afterwords, maybe it can help you too.

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