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Betty Sue
My feet hurt so badly because of my new job....What should I do while at work?
It hurts so much that I want to go home after just arriving.....I have to wear a certain kind of shoes and they are ok, but my feet continue to hurt. Should I take some sort of medicine while at work or what?

You shouldnt have applied for the job... if you cant take the heat... get out of the kitchen...
this job wasnt meant for you... find something that lets you sit down more... like a receptionist, or some kind of desk job...

you should wear something comfortable going to work then just change it when you are already there

mets rule
well i take it your a girl but their are a few details that are needed here what size are your feet and whats your age this all relates i will explaian later, i think you should see your doctor to get some help or if you are wearing under or oversized shoes then your screwed but wear comfortarable shoes also why i asked your age is because if you are a older person you could have pain from other stuff i am not a doctor so i dont know.
ps can someone check out my last qusteion

‚ô•‚ô•The Queen Has Spoken‚ô•‚ô•
If your feet hurt even though the shoes are "ok" then they really are not "ok"!

Surely there is a different brand of shoes that would be acceptable that you could wear comfortably....

Sam Y
use a tennis ball on the sole of your feet

take some Advil it helps alot

I think that you had better get that checked out from your GP or specialist

get arch supports

Dr Scholl inserts they have a new one jel

Try this....put padding in for the ball of your foot.

From my experience the pain in your feet will only get worst because that same pain will go to your ankles and then to your knees.

If you talk with your manager you should be able to come to a compromise. Ultimately you won't be as productive as you could be and the company will lose money.

Buy some comfy insoles that would fit into the shoes. Or did you tell you boss that those shoes really hurt and could you get something comparable to the ones you must wear?! Don't make it more complicated that it should be. You do have a choice to be happy were you work or find another job.

you know you should buy those comfy gel pads to put in your shoes they feel really good.

Hon, you need a different job that won't be so physically demanding. Some people can do it and some of us can't and like you, I can't. It's sad because I enjoy waitressing and stuff but it's just too hard on my body now. I am young and I have arthritis in my kness, back problems, diabetes, and neuropathy. i just have to face the reality that i need a job that suits me. Maybe you can find an easier job!

Believe it or not, you are dehydrated. The muscles in your feet are working overtime and are not getting enough hydration. Start drinking more water.

Take another pair of shoes to switch back and forth.

I sympathize with you.

It will take at least 2 weeks to get use to it.

When you have a break and during your lunch, rub your feet with lotion.

Hope you get your shoes and feet broke in.

Be sure you wear a shoe with good support.

Good luck to you. I've been there and done that.

Thanks for the question.

jordan-english e
every night when you get home put your feet in a warm bath with epsin salt it really works and try not to walk on your feet a lot when you don't have to give them a break.

It may take a few weeks but they will stop hurting. They just have to get used to it, that's all.

bonita answers
I hate that feeling. I use to sit when I got the chance. If you don't have the chance find some foot pads to put in your shoe. It will add some comfort.Then when you get home rub them so when the next day comes it won't have too much tension.

Are you heavy? If you are, arch supports may help, but if you have a job where you have to stand in the same place all day, you might want to find a new job. I worked as a cashier and my feet were killing me day and night. 800mg of Ibuprofin seemed to work pretty good, but a job that allows you to either sit down or move around so your weight is distributed more evenly would be the best option.

It's ok to complain about you shoes. Do you have a human resources dept? Ask if there are some other options on your choice of shoes. I believe your employer would want your feet to be comfortable.

Your feet will get used to it. I have to stand for 9 hours a day at my job, and eventually they just don't hurt anymore.

what kind of job?if your a wait person try insoles massaging socks- they exsist I have a pair. Try wearing thinner socks thicker socks. Take a break when you can and sit on the toliet pants up with a seat liner on the can to rest your feet for a few. drink water and rub your calfs to keep the flow going. Invest in a foot massager, rub your feet with an invigorating lotion and treat your self to a weekly foot massage. you'll get used to it soon.

what are those certain shoes, and if they were really okay then your feet wouldn't hurt after a few minutes at work.

however, don't get arch supports unless you are sure that is the cause. go see a podiatrist or go to a shoe store that specializes in helping people in pain.

THIS IS THE BEST ADVICE: when you stand all day your calf muscles become tensed, fatigued, and "short." your shortened calf muscles can actually pull on the feet and cause pain.

do the standard calf stretch. hands on the wall at arms length, bend one knee while stretching the other leg behind you as far as you can, leg straight and heel on the floor. don't overstretch, but if the calf feels really tight, hold a light stretch for 15 seconds, reverse legs and stretch the other for 15 seconds, and repeat 4 times, each time you should get a better stretch.

also, standing on a step on your toes with your heels hanging over, body straight, gently lower your heels til you get a nice pull, and hold as above.

you may need a special foot brace to wear at night to keep your toes from pointing and letting your calves shorten.

Advil or Ibuprofen will help with the pain. but it won't make the problem go away.

discover the real cause and solve your problem.

good luck.

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