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S h e l b y & W i l l
My cramps are so bad!! help me make them hurt less?
i always have really painful cramps when i'm on my period. sometimes i don't even get out of bed for 1 or 2 days b.c they hurt sooo bad. i got checked out from school today because they almost made cry and i almost passed out because they hurt so bad and i was soo hot all because of my period. what do you do to make them feel better when you can't take pamprin, midol, or tylenol??

dont abuse drugs

Maybe you need to see a doctor. I have realized that regular exercise eases them, but yours sound abnormal.

Definitely talk to your doctor. Naproxin can be hard on your stomache so be careful if your doctor prescribes it. I know that being on the pill has helped with my cramps. exercise and drinking lots of water does help tremendously.

Joe from WI
You need a prescription medication from a doctor. There are no "over the counter" medicines you can get for the symptoms you're having. There are some very effective ones I am told, but you have to see your doctor.

I have prescription pills for mine. go to a doctor and ask for something. naproxin or muscle relaxers is what i have to take.

This is going to sound odd - but learn Lamaze breathing techniques. I read an article when I was a teenager that the muscles that cramp during your period are the same muscles that cramp during labor and that Lamaze breathing can help. Well, it sure worked for me! It works better than any otc pain medication.

Hott Mama
exercise and plenty of water

take Motrin. buy a hot pad and put it on your stomach/uterus area. don't drink caffeine. drink water.

Kiki from K-town
Aleve is the best for cramps

Due 01/09
A heating pad or a hot bath. Heat helps ease cramps from the outside. If you are at school during your period, try buying one of those portable heating pads that you can stick on to your lower abdomen. Why cant you take Tylenol or pamprin? Some ppl cant take ibuprofin cause it is alittle harsh ont he stomahc, but Tylenol is alot gentler on the system. If these cramps are causing you much misery, make an appt with an OBGYN and tell them the problem. The underlying problem may be cysts or endometriosis. If these are ruled out, she may put you on birth control to help lighten your period and ease your cramps. Good luck

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