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My braces hurt bad......any help on how I can get it to feel better w/out painkillers?
Any tips on how to lessen the pain w/out pain killers? I have heard of ice....but it feels horrible when I first put it on my gums. Anything else that might help?

just gotta leave it

No, not ice...avoid extremes...nothing hot nothing cold.

Not much you can do if you don't want to take anything...Tylenol is pretty harmless though and might just take the edge off.

Ibuprofen saved my life when I had braces. Take 2-3 depending on your age and the pain should lessen! I also used to eat ice cream on days they were very sore.

I have tons of pain killers to recommend but you said not to list so I would go with something hot. Maybe try some tea or coco.

this may sound stupid, but if you rub baby orajel over your gums, it helps out a lot. it'll taste funny for a minute, but it works! I do it whenever my braces are bothering me!

Try ice again, but make sure it's in a bag with a cloth around it. You can also try crushing up the ice. It'll fit better around your mouth but melt faster so you don't have ice on there forever but enough time to help. Also consider drinking a cold drink like iced tea or making a smoothie with ice, yogurt and fruit. It will be something that is easy to eat but also cold. I also found drinking hot tea helped me as well. Sometimes the hot helped more than the cold.

omg i know how u feel . ive had braces since i was like 7 years old . well ive just had sooo much ortho treatment . i just take Tylenol . i mean ya its pain killers but it works great ! then i just take a nap because when ur sleeping u cant feel it ! ive never heard of putting ice on it . but i have a huge canker sore because of my braces but my parents always say 'we deal with financial pain . you deal with the phyiscal pain' it kinda works ?

they have Ambesol that they make just for braces pain Its called Ambesol JR braces pain I believe

and it works you can get it at walmart drug stores places like that

hope this helps your braces pain

Anbesol or ice.

You can buy some spray to spray on them. You can buy it at most any drug store or Walmart. Its the same stuff you buy for sore throats, canker sores and such. The type I have is Cepacol. You might need to go back to the orthodontist and let him check your braces. They might need to be adjusted. Good luck. Pops

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