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what shouled i do iv been having this headache for 3days
strait and im dizzle wat shouled i do please tell me :(...

 My 2 year old son has a fever of 39.7 degree,and is throwing up. do i need to take him to a hospital?
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 Headaches everrrrrrrrrrryday!?
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 Pain in right ball?
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 Chiropractor for back pain?
Neck straight, not a 45 degree angle. Suggest 12 month program to make "adjustments". $3000.00...

 I hurt my ankle in gym today. hurts really bad? hurts to even put a shoe on ...do i need a doctor????
i hurt it in gym. it hurts to put any pressure on it......

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I ...

 Side pains after heavy drinking?
Earlier tonight, i had 15 shots of whiskey... more than ever before. I puked about 15-20 times... now 5 hours later, I have these sharp pains onthe sides of my lower back. any explanation? is this ...

 Do crocin has side effects?
i have been taking crocin regularly atleast 10 tabs a month.
i want to know if i keep taking them in same way will it have some side effects on me....

Does Percocet make you really tired?
I've just been given it because of a really debilitating migraine, and I'm just curious as to how out of it I'll be once I take it.

 Are there any really good remedies for lower back pain?
I was getting back in shape and I been experiencing some lower back pain. I have done the cold method, the drug method, but it is now switching sides. It bothers me when I sleep. I have to perform ...

My boyfriend is having a sharp pain in his right lower abdomen, and throwing up a lot. Help!?
For a few hours now, he's been telling me he's having sharp pains in his lower right side. He'll lay down, then get up to go to the bathroom and throw up. Earlier, he had 3 tacos from Taco Bell. Perhaps it's food poisoning, but i'm not so sure. He says he feels like he needs to pass gas, but it won't come out, nor can he have a bowel movement. He's refusing any help, like calling his mom to go to the hospital. I really don't know what else I can do.

Could be a number of things. If he has a fever, then its probably more serious than food poisoning. Like everyone else said, appendicitis is a good possibility, and a very serious condition. You guys won't know for sure unless you get medical attention.

Call an ambulance now! Make him go. His life literally depends on it.

Brandon W
Appendix. Tell him you are going to call an ambulance if the doesn't go with you to the ER. If it ruptures then he dies.

Be happy or live miserable.
Call an ambulance

If pain is Sevier take him to doctor

He may have appendicitis. Go to the Doctor ASAP!
If it explodes he will die!
Not kidding!

Maria C
It's appendicitis and he needs URGENT medical care...get him to hospital immediately!!!!!!!!! If it bursts he won't have a choice but to go to the hospital or die..literally..tell him not to be a big baby!

Kayla L
Lower right side is where your appendix is, he should get to the hospital to check it out. If it is appendicitis and it bursts he is going to be in trouble.

It could just be constipation, however, better safe than sorry.


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