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 1st Migraine - help!!?
About a month and a half ago, I had to get my ears vacuumed out by an ENT b/c my wax doesn't drain well by itself. I had waited awhile to go in, and had some ringing in that ear The ENT said ...

 Is short equal to ugly?

 How do you no if you got a ear efection?

 How to make me feel no pain?
I am going to be doing something very painful saturday...How to make me not feel a thing? (pills, alcohol, ect?) Anything that will numb me?
Additional Details
I have to get A root canal ...

 I am having a lot of pain on the lower left side of my stomach. What could it be? Its hurt for three days.?

Additional Details
my parents said that the appendix is on the other side so i dont think it could be ...

 Weird lump in my throat?
I've got this weird lump in my throat, it feels like I have to burp, but I don't really have to. but when I do burp, it relieves it for a minute and then goes back. Its not painful or ...

 Swimmer's Ear pain!!! HELP!?!?
I have had Swimmer's Ear (an ear infection) for the past 2 days, and my ear is SOOOO sore! I am currently taking Advil and Tylenol every 4-6 hours (as directed), but my ear still hurts really ...

 Any treatment for Piles?
Can anyone tell me the good treatment for piles, or home remedies for piles and what diet should be followed for the same....

 Why am I having constant headaches everyday?
For maybe 3 months now, I have had a headache every day. I wake up with a dull pressure right in my forehead, and it gets worse as the day goes on. I do have a prescription medication that I can ...

 It hurts! PLEASE answer?
I have a virus, i have very swollen glans, and a bad cold and cough!
Half an hour ago, wen i layed on one side my right ear REALLY started to hurt!
Now is consistant! When i tilted my head ...

 Ice or Heat for swollen wrist???
I had an IV put in yesterday for my MRI and because it's so hard for people to find my viens ( they move), IV's are usually inserted in the back of my hand or wrist. To eliminate pain and ...

 Will my son be alright to fly?
we are going on holiday in a few weeks and my son has trouble with his ears (he has glue ear). is there anything i can do to reduce trouble during and after the flight?
Additional Details<...

 How to prevent back pain ?

 It's 2.59am, I've got the doctors at 8.40am. Should I have.....?
Gone to bed earlier and not booked such a stupidly early time in the first place?...

 How do you prevent cramp?

 Does anyone know whats the matter with me?
hi there a a 31 year old woman and today have noticed a sharp pain in my left shoulder and down left arm and pulpatations of the heart, could this be trapped wind or something more serious, am ...

 Vicodin affects?
Ok, so a friend of mine was really drunk on saturday night and decided to take 10 vicodins (4 of them were 500mg, the other 6 were 700mg). He fell asleep and when he woke up he threw up. I'm not ...

 Ah! My foot fell asleep! What should I do?!?!?

 Once again need the help of all you caring people out there. There must be some way to relieve severe pain. Af
after a series of visits to hospital and various investigations sufferer is told nothing can be done. The problem is sciatica like stabbing pain in one leg below the knee. It is NOT sciatica, much ...

 Deep pain in my left leg?
I keep getting a deep dull pain the the top of the inside of my left leg. It is always the left leg.
I have had this pain for about 2 weeks now and it keeps coming on and off. I did get it last ...

My body keeps hurting from the slightest touch, what could it be?
When someone/something touches my body it really hurts, it feels like a really painful bruise and then goes away after about 10 seconds or sometimes even longer.
This morning i was getting out of bed and my leg rubbed on the side of my matress and it really really hurt. I had to rub it for ages because it felt so badly bruised. I dont understand how it could feel like that from touching a matress. Also when someone just pokes me it feels sooooo painfull.

bassicly if anything touches me the slightest bit it hurts very badly

Why could this be happening?

See a shrink! If you rub the side of the mattress and it really hurt, but you could rub it for ages, your problem is in your mind, not you skin or nerves!

you could just be really tired and worn out dude.

go see your g.p.

Lou R
it could be the matress your sleeping on it could be worn out try getting a new one

it could actually be malaria.
i read an article about it in a magazine, and a girl had gotten bit by something and she later found out she had malaria, and everything hurt to the touch. but get it checked out by a doctor.

uummmm.....you should go to the doctor cuz that's not normal. Have you had a lot of sun exposure lately?? that could be it and you're having skin problems or somethin.

hope you get better!

*♥* bAbY cUpCaKe! *♥*
you may have pulled a mussle (hamstring) try applying a cold compress or go to your local gp as you may need pills hope this helps xxx

Ask a doctor.
I think you have paper skin.

my sister is a physical therapist..and she told me about this girl who came in for therapy..even the slightest touch causes her pain..just like what you described..i dont remember what it was..its called like pain syndrome or somethin like that..you need to go see a doctor and get treatment fast...because it gets worse over the years..sorry :(

Bat Doggy
There are lots of reasons why you might be feeling this way. You need to go and see a doctor as soon as possible, you may be having an allergic reaction to something or it might be something else, it might also be nothing, so don't get too worried. BUT whatever it is you need to get checked out and very soon.

It sounds like fibromyalgia. Please go see your

I eally think you should get this checked out by a doctor as soon as possible.

penny m

look up fibromyalgia.

your body can be weak.
maybe you should go to your doctor. maybe if you're anemic you could have low iron and your muscles are weakening

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