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My Orthodontist can't write a prescription for pain so what can I do to get prescription pain pills?
I have braces on my upper and lower teeth. They change my wires every 6 weeks I go to my orthodontist and for about a week or more I have pretty bad pain and all of my teeth are very sore for over a week. My Orthodontist said he can't write prescriptions because he doesn't have a license to. So what am I to do! I need the prescription pain pills because only prescription pain pills will work on me. I'm not a drug addict or anything like that. I have tried every single over the counter pain pills but nothing will help at all. I've taken 4 Extra Strength Percogesic, 4 Advil Liquid Gels, 4 Aleves, 4 Aspirins, 4 Tylenols and many more over the counter pain pills but nothing will work. How can I get Prescription Pain Pills for my brace and teeth pain? I know my doctor will not write a Prescription for just brace pain on teeth. Doctors are scared to write prescriptions for people who need them. Who else would write a Prescription for my pain?

ER doctor ?

Church Lady
Well, I don't know where you live but if you can get to Canada you can get Tylenol 3 (with Codeine) without a prescription. They keep them behind the counter so you will have to ask for them but you don't need a prescription.

go to the local hospital. They will fix you up on the spot as well as prescription

go see your m.d.

You shouldn't have that much pain, perhaps they can tighten them a bit less....you know, half a turn instead of a full turn, something like that. If they are tightening them as slowly as possible you need to go to your physician and ask for a prescription. I had a manager who was on three times the legal dose of Morphine after surgery.....and he was perfectly conscious...his doctors couldn't believe it, but thats how much it took to alleviate the pain....would have killed anyone else.

If the pain is too bad, go to your regular medical doctor. he can prescribe medication if necessary.

Honestly, if your teeth hurt THAT much to take THAT much crap, give up the damned treatment.

I concur with the orthodontist. Since you're pain-med-seeking and "nothing will work," you've answered your own question. Eliminate the cause. You're not an appropirate candidate for that type of dental work.

I wouldn't write a script for you either. Doctors arent' "scared" to write prescriptions for people who need them, they're wary of writing them for people who CRAVE them.

Debbie P2
I was an orthodontist assistant way back in the 1980's and although Doc. Ortho 'could' write the scripts if he HAD to, he just refused to for the reasons you stated (they & alot of MD's are afraid of addicts, etc.). But you are an established patient who he/she sees every 6 weeks or so, so where's the trust?? He trusts you to pay your bill, show up for appts., wear your rubber bands & head-gear, so he needs to trust you to be a responsible pill-taker. "hey doc, this person is in your care and in pain, so if you don't want to write a script, ask one of your MD buddies to do it, next time you're on the golf course". Anyway in the real world, what we told our patients works well is soft foods for a few days after we change the wires (each wire change is stronger & stronger)... and I personally had ortho in my twenties and found that over-the-counter Extra Strength Excedrin really helped (helped my headaches too). If your teeth are really hard to move (for example due to more dense bone structure which is common in some patients due to age or background), your medical doc might be okay with writing a non-refillable script for a few tabs of something with Codeine, assuming you aren't allergic, to get you through the few days following the wire changes. He/she should give you something for the misery and trust you to be responsible enough to take it wisely!

Sounds like you have taken too much already. That usually happens when you are trying so hard to get rid of the pain, you try so many alternatives that you can over medicate yourself. First off your orthodontist can't prescribe meds but you can call your dentist. If you don't get ahold of your dentist during the day you can call their after hours number.
I can only tell you what I do for pain. My dentist said that if you take 1,000 mg of Tylenol and 600 mg of Motrin, Ibuprofen, or Naproxen (only one of them). So the 1,000 and the 600 together is suppose to equal what one vicoden would do. Other than that you can go to the local emergency room or urgent care and tell them the truth, that you have pain in your mouth and you weren't given anything for the pain. I am sure that they get a lot of people at the ER for dental problems. The doctors there are experienced and they can tell you are in pain by your blood pressure. Your blood pressure rises when your body is in pain. Just make sure you aren't med seeking. A lot of good people get addicted to pain meds and don't even realize it til they are in they are med seeking. Good luck.

bobbie v
I'm sure orthodontists can write prescriptions for pain medication. Evidently he doesn't think you need them. Only a licensed physician can write scripts for a pain medication.

Well if you are in that much pain you should go see your dentist and you, your orthodontist and dentist need to discuss your pain problem. I know that when I had a temporary crown put on I got a really bad infection and my dentist wrote me a prescription for Vicodin. I'm not sure if all dentist can do that but mine was able to.

When I had braces a million years ago my teeth only bothered me for a day or two at the very most. And for you to be in such bad pain for over a week, something else must be going on either that or you have very sensitive teeth & gums. Your best bet is for all 3 of you need to discuss your teeth problems, why you are in so much pain after having the wires changed, etc.

Good luck!

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