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 How do you think the pain of.....?
the pain of taking a knife,cuttin your skin a bitand squeezing lemon juice inside ure skin flesh?
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i heard it was really painful.im just asking.dont worry!im not THAT ...

 Help any body out there with worried nagging pain in the stomoch?

 What to do about headaches???
I have had a headace since saturday night, that won't go away. I have taken tylenol, ibueprofin, and have done pressurepoint massages. What can I do to make the headace go away??? I need to ...

 My friend said that when she drinks alcohol her arms and joints ache with the first sip, why is this?

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60mg is making me drowsy, can i take one co codamol and one paracetamol, so i will be taking 30mg codeine and 1000mg paracetamol?
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 How 2 recover frm fever & body ache quickly?
how 2 recover frm fever & body ache quickly....

Ive had the same headache for 5 days- why is this?
i have no idea why i have a headache, i never use to get them before now ive had this one day after day, ne ideas why??
Additional Details
i wake up with the headaches. and then my body is always really warm like its overheating. there hasnt been any injuries. maybe its stress....... my b/f did go away to college and work has been busy. but i do live in wisconsin and its freezing here. but its mostly my whole head, when i move it i get light headed

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? I ask b/c I had a similar problem- it turned out I needed new glasses. My prescription was two years old and had changed a bit.

I'm sure you'll hear this from a number of others, but I think you need to see your doctor about this. They can rule out some of the more scar causes of headaches pretty quickly & easily.

Get to a doctor as soon as possible. It could be anything. You might have an aneurysm. Don't toy with this. On the other hand, it could be something minor. Your best bet is to get to a doctor, so they can conduct the proper tests.

No way to tell without more info. There are a lot different types of headaches - some behind the eyes, some focused on the neck, sometimes around the face or jaws, or ears, others where the whole head is dull or the scalp is tingling. The locations and type of pain are needed to diagnose headaches.

Don't rule out sinus problems as in congestion.

Headaches and sinus pain is common at this time of year due to weather changing and it getting colder and heated air being dryer.

go to a doctor. good luck!

There are several reasons for recurring headaches. One, it could be you haven't eaten appropriately and your blood sugar is low. Or you have overindulged, and your blood sugar is high. Get that checked, a simple stick on a finger tip and the reading on a glucometer will tell you. Or, you have high blood pressure. My husband would go through a big value can of Tylenol a month before he was diagnosed at 180/120! It can be a migraine, where light sensitivity occurs, you have to be in a dark room. Not eat chocolate. And there are medications you should take. You should contact your physician to make sure you don't have one of these happening. glgl

Any recent injury to yer cranium? Did you lose consciousness with the injury? Car accident? Any recent medicine changes? Dietary? Do you wake up with these headaches or do they come on during the day? If so, do they come on at the same time every day? Where is the headache at exactly? Try to describe the pain: shooting, aching, pressure. Did it come on all of a sudden and if it did, was it the WORST HEADACHE YOU'VE EVER HAD? Answer these and I think we can narrow the differential down a little.

Ella Rachelle
It could be because of season change, or else it may be a more serious neurological problem (brain) which can be discovered through MRI, x rays.
Either way, you should contact your doctor and he/she will give you advice & if you accept medicine, you will recieve some sort of medicine, probably pills, to take over a period of days which will take away the headache.

If you are not taking any medicine for this right now, try Excedrin, Tylonel, Ibuprofen, available at drugstores, but make sure you are not allergic to any of the medicines first.

Hope this helps you!

Do you use the heater a lot? It could by dry air. Another thing is do you have a carbon monixide detector? If not check it out. Carbon monoxide if colorless and odorless. Anything that is in an elevated levels that deprives us of air clean air can cause headaches.

Headache is a pain in the head, scalp or neck. Headaches can be
caused by minor problems like eyestrain, lack of coffee or more
serious reasons like head injury, brain tumors, encephalitis and
meningitis. Taking painkillers continuously can have harmful side
effects, so it is better to modify your lifestyle. More information
available at http://tinyurl.com/q8696

Nobody here can answer your question correctly, mostly because we don't know any details (f. e. which part of your head hurts), so I strongly recommend you to go visit a doctor. Don't joke with long period headaches, it means that some important part of your body is suffering.

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