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 I think my doctor is crazy someone help?
i have had severe back pain for several months now. i recently had an mri done and went to my doctor today for the results. she told me that i have severalbuldged disks but that is normal for a ...

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i just burnt my finger making brownies !
do you guys know any remedies to make it better ?...

 My best friend just took 12 excedrin and 3 valiums, HELP?
I don't know what to do! I know she has intentions of killing herself but I'm not very knowledgable on how that all mixes and I'm just really freaking out because I don't know ...

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And it was sore and stiff fore two weeks. But I'...

 Any tablet or pill (without side effects )to get rid of headache ?
These few days i get headaches daily in the evening .
I feel so sick & don't feel like eating anything.
I don't know what's the reason.

Thanks for your kind ...

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 Why does my head always hurt?
For some reason, my head always seems to hurt. I have a headache and the top-back part of my head HURTS!

It's been happening alot recently and I don't know why. My dad says it...

 I feel like the boy who cried wolf !!!!!!!! HELP?
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 How Do Get Rid Of Headace Without Taking Tablets ?
I keep get bad headaches everyday but it is worst on weekdays when i am at college and i cant take tablets in to college and when i get my bad headaches i just go light heady and i feel like i just ...

 What should i do if i always get headache all the time?

Is there an otc (over the counter) pill that has the same shape and look as generic vicodin?
the vicodin that has m357 on the back

That would be ib prophin. Are you planning on tricking someone into thinking its Vicodin. If so thats wrong. im hoping that you are just curiouse.

Lorcet, Lortab, Norco

DO NOT take any OTC medication with out your doctors approval. There are too many out there that can cause damage to your kidneys or liver.

Crystal D
What are you trying to sell fake Vicodin?

Sophie's Mommy
EL OH EL, are you trying to sell fake pills?

Are you checking to see if someone is using vicoden (are you a Mom?) or are you hoping something just looks like vicoden, that is actually something harmless so you don't have to worry?

But, if you're wanting to scam someone...shame on you. They'll catch up to you eventually...they always do.

Don't go around sellling fake Vicodin u ... i won't even say it. You're the type of person that gets middle schoolers hooked on drugs.. starting with the fake.

Michael H
leave them alone.

im guessing your looking for a plecebo for someone who is addicted...ask their doctor about them and tell him about the problem. Thats a good way to help out ur friend or loved one

why, are you trying to switch out someones pills?


Parrot Bay
Why would you want to do that? They make pills look different for a reason.

Noone i
I remember what happened to the last guy I knew that tried this.

Took his legs a LONG time to heal, kneecaps are a very tender spot on your body it turns out.

Sounds like you're smuggling drugs and want to change it out to profit on fake pills. Hope you get caught!!!!!!!!
I'm a Pharmacy Tech and I would NEVER tell you if there was or not!

No - there is no legitimate reason why an OTC pill would be made to look exactly identical to a prescription drug.

Nice question. Your obviously trying to sell fake Vicodin to people, your a scumbag who needs his a*ss whooped

NO. They make pills look different for this very reason.

And this is a very dangerous question to be asking. You're either looking to sell people bad drugs, which is bad on so many levels. Or you're maybe thinking to help someone who is addicted by switching them out, which sounds like a good idea, but could KILL THEM. Either way, it's BAD.

Switching out medication is VERY bad, OK? Just don't do it.

Ok, dude, why would you be asking this question?

Something's not right ...

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