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Additional Details
sorry for my spelling but please can you answer it properly ...

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Is there a way to die without feeling any pain?

Scando Fonz
ask GOD
one million ways to die choose one

Defenstrate yourself.

LSD Batman
Of old age.

Breathing too much carbon monoxide (you basically fall asleep, then die).

After a while, burning alive becomes painless since your nerves well... BURN UP.

Tranquilizer overdose? Not sure about that one.

And why would you wanna die?

Your question should have been :

what is the way to live without Pain?

Try to have positive attitude in life.

With love and light

Sarah K
no anyway nobody knows how it feels

valley girl
yes, there r many ways 2 die w/out feeling any pain, but y would u want 2 know that?
you've only got one life, and once u pull the trigger, it's over, and you can't go back and change that bad choice
[if u r thinking about commiting suicide, i'll b praying 4 u]

Manh Ly
o.O there aint lots of way to die with out any pain.
try to live a bit longer and you might find what you have to do in ur life, dont wanna die uselessly would ya?

lankan venu
gun shot to the head or jump of a buildingor go to a doctor and put a neadle and die or freeze u r self until the nextmelinom and don t killl u r slef even i f there is problems at school and any where else tell the police

in your sleep

Not if you do it yourself.

Morphine at hospital is quite an easy way I think.

But if you try to kill yourself all ways are painful or unpleasant (lots of vomiting, convulsions etc) and so not be recommended - far better to go and see a doctor and get some help to feel better or speak to a counsellor or the samaritans.

You know the answer. Yes, of course. But DON'Tdo it. I don't know your age, but I want you to find someone to talk to right now. It could be your mom or dad or sister or brother. It could be a friend. But you need to own up to life and accept it for the gift that it is. It really is up to you. I will pray for you.

This has been at the heart of the death penalty debate and why the Electric Chair and Hanging are no longer practiced, in favor of lethal injection.

However, to answer your question...how would anyone know?

Yes, in your sleep

The Great Gazoo
yup many ways but most common would be overdose

A gunshot to the head with a shotgun should do it.
Also, jumping off a building, you just go SPLAT!

Even if u dont feel the pain your family and friends wil, so no

May i ask you why do you want to know?
I don't think there is a sure way of knowing, unless you actually died and came back again. My sister in law was hit by a car, and she was left unconscious, she says she never felt anything, until she recovered conscience.
I suppose it's much like being born, i am quite sure it's a shocking and scary experience, but you just don't remember it afterwards (logically). The real pain comes from anticipation, knowing you might feel pain is the worse part.

Now, IF you were by any chance thinking about wanting to die, read this. Regardless of you feeling physical pain or not, consider two things. You, whether you believe in God or not, do not own your soul. It was given to you. You cannot take what is not yours and end it all, because you do not know yet if you are being used as an instrument for something we cannot understand now. This is the fun part of living, and this is the greatest part of gaining experience, you get challenged and you go through it. You come out of the experience a much better person.
And two, if you do not feel remorse because you might lose what is more sacred to us -the soul- it's your prerogative, but think about all the people who care for you. THEY will feel the pain, for a way longer time than what you will feel. That is not fair.
I do not cause pain on purpose to the ones i love. Remember this and brand it in your mind.

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